Small Fury Warrior Talent Tree Adjustments

General tree:

  • Make Crushing Force cost only 1 point and swap its position with endurance training. Just add an ability that only prot uses to this, so it makes sense thematically too.

  • Make Rallying cry a choice node to choose between dungeon group and raid utility.

Spec Tree:

  • Merge Meat Cleaver with improved whirlwind.

  • Turn vicious contempt into a choice node, so that it either stays the same as now, or it makes execute cost the same rage as rampage and do around 200-400% increased damage. Whatever seems more satisfying. It’s a little weird together with improved execute, so I’m not 100% sure how to make it very intuitive and not too complicated. What I would do is changing its effect based on whether we picked improved execute or not, or I would change the position of this suggestion and keep vicious contempt as it is.

  • Remove Single Minded Fury and turn it into a Glyph instead. I’m not sure what to replace these 2 talents with.

  • A consequence of other adjustments: Swap the position of sudden death and improved execute, so we don’t pick it, if we go a route, where we get raging blow and keep execute as a spender.

That’s about it. A small talent tree restructure would go a long way without requiring a big rework.

General Tree:

  • Unlink Titan’s Torment from Odyn’s Fury, move Titan’s Torment to Storm of Swords or something - I dont care.

Fury Tree:

  • Buff Odyn’s Fury damage by 51% baseline. If you want the ability to be taken, also grant it Holyfire Damage.
  • Increase the power of Odyn’s Fury choice nodes by roughly 50% to make up the loss from TT. Giving the possibility to take both nodes could be a way to boost Odyn’s Fury viability Vs Ravager/Onslaught/AMoRA; or - combine them.
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This would make our rotation very very boring… No thanks… Odyn’s fury would feel worse to press, and just do burst aoe dmg…

It does in fact not affect the rotation other than giving it one optional more button for burst :dracthyr_nod:

I guess you are thinking of Annihilator or RA that affects rotation. Then got the standard idea that “Odyn’s Fury = CB CB spam” or “OF = Annihilator” that many do. It is a wildly common place misconception within the community.

If not, you would not be happy with any rotation, as OF fills into them all. Basically it is just a glorified WW cast - and you don’t complain about that, I do presume :dracthyr_shrug:

But yes - big burst damage is the goal. Big numbers are fun! :dracthyr_blob_dance_animated:

Oh I mean your recommendation with removing storm of swords, etc. and the current iteration…

Remove TT from Odyn’s Fury, move it to Storm of Swords, would buff SoS if nothing else.

Rotation would remain the same, well, in the case of TT and SoS being linked, would mean slam/ww would get higher prio.

But that is not the topic I care about. Like I said, I don’t care about what happens to TT.

I pretty much disagree with everything you said here regarding reposition of TT… I’m especially highly against making odyn’s fury mandatory with any annihilator build in the future. No thanks

If you are afraid of OF being mandatory, you can see my other posts on OF. It breaks down the math. TLDR: OS is in a huge lead, even on 20 targets.

So you don’t have to worry. OF when not doubled up, would simply be brought as it is brought now and for the same reasons (burst tool, to kill targets that last less than 16sec).

With the buffs mentioned and removal of TT synergy, OF would be a choice between OS or OF. Far from mandatory, and OS would still remain the better pick in 99% of scenarios.

Now, Odyn’s Fury is not bound more to Annhi build than Ravager or Onslaught is. So Don’t worry about that part. As so many do for some weird reason (probably because the node can branch both to OF and Annhi). The optimal play would still be Annhi-AM/RA-rav-OS, in that scenario.

Onslaught,Ravager and Anger Management is dominated too much time.
10.2 is time for other talents to shine.


I also wouldn’t mind, if odyn’s fury was very very strong, but I wish the other talents we build with it now felt better. Especially the new fillers now with storm of swords. Especially our general tree feels boring with time

DPS wise i have not really found any big adjustments i would want to make.

My issue is more with the utility of the class. Some general spec trees like monk for example give almost 0 dmg to their spec and only utility. But warriors have both in their tree. Like dragon roar is like 10% of your dmg or more sometimes so you absolutely have to take it. But then its not really guaranteed that you can take leap, storm bolt, aoe fear etc. And especially shockwave, this talent should be made baseline imo. Give warriors something to help out the group other than rallying cry which lets face it, alot of other classes have baseline.

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You can always take SB and inti shout for M+, the only question is if your comp needs the AoE stun or not as a stop.

Fury Warrior Dragonflight Talent Calculator - World of Warcraft (
This is quite the standard M+ full DPS build for Fury Warriors. It got all the big dam, and it brings inti, heroic leap and SB, no issues.

Fury Warrior Dragonflight Talent Calculator - World of Warcraft (
This is the build for when you need to bring an AoE stop extra in the comp. It is aprox a 2% overall DPS loss. It is not a big issue to bring.

So while I understand where you are coming from, and yes, Dragon Roar is basically a must pick - us not being able to bring; inti/SB/shockwave/heroic leap; as needed is basically pure ‘fake news’ that are for some reason a popular talking point. It just isn’t a real issue, just a perceived one.

I never got why people want warrior to get more utility, especially Fury Warrior. Yet, the fact is Fury warrior is doing its job well and bring all that is needed - if not more. Do remember, we were basically meta until aug was released. Sadly, we just don’t work so well with their ramp and synergy - and we for sure didn’t have that crazy Mage/Spriest/Aug teamwork makes the dreamwork effect - so we fell flat. Not a fault in Fury in itself - everyone else fell flat Vs that comp. We call it the GodComp for a reason :dracthyr_nod:

Even now, Fury is still up there, clawing against the GodComp - failing, for sure. But doing better than most even so. Nothing beats the GodComp.

I can technically take any talents i want, what is important is how much dps are you sacrificing for getting utility.

Everything but shockwave in that list is easily talentable yes.

The meta changes all the time so you cant argue that warriors should not get a rework just because “they are fine right now”. But what about when they are bottom feeders, should we only then start demanding changes?

If we only start complaining when we are not doing so hot i think that is just crybaby behaviour, we should not be crying that our class is not meta, we should be crying at the unfairness of the design.

I think they should minimise the damage from our general tree, and move it to the spec tree. We should never be forced into general tree talents for damage. The general tree is supposed to give you situational things like utility / tankiness / mobility /etc. We always run almost the same talents though

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Technically, you can take all the DPS talents. What is important is what utility you are sacrificing to do so.

Shockwave is easily talentable, I even gave you a link. It is a 2 talent point move. For a 2% DPS loss.

When Fury Warrior is a bottom feeder, we prob should get the attention current bottom feeders hopefully recieve now.

There is nothing blatently unfair with how Fury Warrior is at the moment. You might feel so, for one reason or another, that the DPS loss is soulcrushing and that jazz - but I really hope 99% disagree. Cause that just doesn’t make any sense, when the purpose is trade-offs and they are so minimal at the moment. Our kit, dps profile and survivalability, are huge strengths. No specialised utility is our one major drawback. That is balance.

If you simply want a ‘one spec to do it all’, then everyone need to be able to do it all. Meaning, everyone got to be the same. As it currently stands, Fury is balanced and doing performative well. The only thing standing in our way is how the meta panned out.

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