Small raiding guild LF merge options

Hey all,

We have a small guild, the “Disbanders”, 10/10 N, 8/10 HC. Lately, recruits haven’t been in our favor and we are eager to start on Mythic.

I see a lot of other guilds’ posts that describe the same exact situation and wanted to reach out for a possible merge.

Some details

  • we have 2 tanks and 3 healers and around 5-6 DPS with 90+% attendance
  • we are raiding 3 days / week, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, 21:00-00:00 server time
  • we would be open to joining another guild

Honestly, only the raiding days and times would be a showstopper for us. Otherwise, we are open to any discussion that will bring us closer to start raiding in Mythic.

Please pm any of the officers in game for details:
Vaughantm, Papadan, Arathol

Feel free to add me (Hellraiserir#2347), my guild is looking for more good players.
We are currently 10/10 normal, 9/10 HC and 1/10 M.
We are progressing on Sire Denathrius , best attempt 52%.
Currently lacking some better players so want to add more.

Hi, Added you. We are a new guild with a good core but we are looking for some strong and reliable raiders, at the moment we are 9/10Hc and sire is at 23% but we are going into mythic for that little bit of extra gear. add me on battle net awgaming1610#2539 if you want a chat:)


I am an officer of the guild Tenacity. We are a group of players who are playing since cata together and recently started our own guild. At this current time we are having issues with recruiting aswell and would love to talk with you guys. Currently our progress is 10/10 hc 1/10 on mythic. We are slowly getting a stable roster but lack people to go head on into mythic. Feel free to hit me up in game regarding more information. I hope we get to speak to eachother soon.

Regards, Naydrassil

Or add Nay#2518