So any plans to revert some of those senseless Balance nerfs or what?

Season 3 and 4 was a total ****show for druids. Are all druid devs still on vacation or what?

How about some simple fixes like remove cd from Stellardrift again as that’s when you started to destroy memekins in m+?

Are only hunters supposed to have fun during this “fun” season?


They would have to look at feed back and do some work, so don’t hold you breath on that one :slight_smile:

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dks solo tank mythic raid bosses and +30 key bosses but the druid tsets had to be nerfed.

Hunter, lock, ww 250k on big pulls but the feral and guardian set was op nerf it.

We druids know they dont give a flying f about us. loot at alpha feedback’s :man_shrugging:


I stopped playing alpha due to no single updates. No talent is even implemented or working (like convoke and the new talents) It’s super frustrating as there is a lot of feedback to fix druids from the community already.

I have a blast playing resto but I’m no high key pusher and balance only is fine if you can make full use of that stupid 3min cd.

I think they lost focus and maybe I’m a minority not running super high keys, but I think they need to balance against a lower key range and not high end content. If my weekly +15 is no fun due to Hunters doing 50% more dps, I simply have no fun and don’t feel any progression for my character.

I’m not even sure why de don’t simply revert the SF CD or just make the unity version of convoke 100% full moon proc. If it’s that much of an effort, I’d suspect they either need new talented devs or they don’t have a single druid dev left at this point.

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Well u were correct.

Blizzard didnt have a druid dev due to the last leaving the company. The new one just recently started but seems hes starting making changes to druid in DF

Yeah, I tried in on beta and finally have some hope for the new build which is coming. Can’t tell for feral but resto is looking much much better already so I’m excited to test it. Let’s see what they come up with for balance.