So, Blizzard are banning boosting services, is that TBC too?

If you haven’t seen this you should if you boost people, for gold or real money.

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I would like clarification on this. If I can report boosters in LFG and trade chat and get them banned I’ma have a field day.


The problem is most of the advertisers are not the people who do the boosting.

But yes, you can report them now.

I just thought are GDKP runs banned?

I don’t know but for sure those people that advertise like “SELLING ALL TK/SSC LOOT! NETHER ETC GOOD PRICE”. I’m sure you guys have seen those. Those runs are probably banned now.

if boosting is banned in TBC too then I think it could be true but I am not 100% I think they are refering to retail but wait and see what they have to say about us classics.

70 billion to stop the boosters ? Thank you, Bill !


This policy update does not restrict individuals or guilds from using the provided in-game tools (“trade channel” chat) to buy or sell in-game items or activities for in-game currency. However, “boosting communities”, especially those who operate across multiple realms, are no longer permitted.

Just to clarify what this change means:

Selling a run of a dungeon/raid in Trade chat - A-OK.
Selling your services for an elite quest. - A-OK.
Setting up a Discord to sell services on multiple realms on which people take payment for services on multiple realms - This is banned.

If you service goes beyond your realm this is banned.

Selling final boss kills on retail, selling dungeon runs to levellers, selling raid spots for TBC, selling PvP group spots for Classic, selling conquest cap boosting services in Arena on TBC/Retail - A-OK.

Too bad. Wish they banned single server services as well

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We are gonna need a blue post on this to explain whats happening with TBC servers in terms of rule change. just to try and clear things up and not confuse between retail and classic.

Selling guild run raids and seeking buyers for guild run raids is bannable? Is this effective actual or by force of reverse?

You are saying selling these services is ok even though the EULA mentions it’s not ok?

This doesn’t change anything, you can still advertise arena boosts and gold runs, someone got it right in the thread.

If you look up chanimal on twitch for example, he is part of a boosting community which operates on multiple servers, which is what this change is intended to stop.

Am I still allowed to boost lowbies in RFC for 5g?

Officially no, as you can read.

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Except you are wrong.
You’d know that, if you could… Y’know, read.


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