So Dragonriding, ehh

Before i returned i not watched so many videos about how this exactly works but after trying it i dont like it at all.
Like always when i used flying mounts before i always fly as my mount has that flying model where it at descending speed up and when ascending it slow down but mostly flapps its wing like every flying creature with WINGS, here in Dragonflight we have those dragons with only 6 max wings flaps with the rest of the flying is gliding and we end up with flying path like sine wave.
WHen we do some track then ok but when i try to cross the zone it is a sine wave till my dragon got bored of those few wings flaps and got tired.

I really wish this dont come to next expansions cause Dragonflight zones are designed for sine wave like flying path.
Gosh i always dreamed of some improvements to the flying model when i flew my Drake of the West Wind which have nice glide animation kicking off randomly when you fly with it. Just put accelerating and glinding when descent and slow down when ascend BUT PLEASE LET THAT FLYING CREATURES WITH WINGS TO USE THEM AS THEY SHOULD.

Effective Dragonriding does not look like a series of sine waves. That is what everybody tends to think when they first see it, but that is in fact a very inefficient way to use your Vigor.

Effective Dragonriding lools like a series of upward vertical lines with a half-catenary shaped glide.

Straight up. Then either a shallow glide just steep enough to maintain the 929% unpowered max, or a steep dive followed by levelling off.

Your armoury says that you have not yet collected alll the Dragonriding glyphs. You need to get all 6 charges before you judge. Flying with 6 charges and all talents is a very different experience to flying with 3. Especially, the very last talent “At Home Aloft”, that restores 1 Vigor every 5 seconds during Thrill of the Skies, is key. Without that, your Vigor is going to sputter and die like an engine that is out of petrol.

SO GET ALL GLYPHS NOW. There are many guides, both written on on YouTube, explaining how.

Honestly, I think Blizzard erred in making it necessary to fill all glyphs before you can really use Dragonriding. Yes, I get it, it provides a sense of progression. But it also provoked many first reactions like yours at the start of the expansion, and that wasn’t good.

At the start, your Dragonriding is more like walking, with the ability to fly up for a short distance.

Once you have all glyphs and applied all your talents, the way to Dragonride is:

  1. Point straight UP with your right mouse button.

  2. Use Skyward Ascent, two to four times in a row, with about 2 seconds between presses to allow Thrill of the Skies to have its full duration for each flap. Skyward Ascent always gives you about 2 seconds of Thrill of the Skies.

  3. As soon as your Thrill of the Skies turns off on your last flap, quickly point either slightly down for a very shallow dive, or very steeply down to gain momentum, and then levelling out.

  4. Watch your Vigor recharge, and repeat when it is almost full again.

“Thrill of the Skies” is the talent that recharges 1 Vigor every 5 seconds. It is key to Dragonriding. You can see it in the Blue Glow around you when at max speed, or immediately after pressing Skyward Ascent. By letting each Thrill have its full duration, you will find that after using say three Vigor, you will have lost only 2, because you regained one during the Thrill.

Personally, I use this WeakAura for a visual indication of my speed and Thrill status:
It is not necessary, but that blue glow can be hard to discern accurately, and it is great to see that reassuring 929% on the speed indicator telling me that I don’t need to nose down any further.

You will probably not use any of the other Dragonriding abilities in normal flight, just during the races.

P.S. A thought struck me as I was writing this, so I went to check.

I flew from Valdrakken to Iskaara in one hop. I took off from Valdrakken beside the Flight Master. (Starting from the top of the tower would have felt like cheating!). I pointed my nose straight up, and used 6 Skyward Ascents in a row, milking the full Thrill effect from each. Then I went into a shallow dive, and glided at a full 929% speed all the way. No sine wave. One vertical line. That’s how you Dragonride.

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I’m definitely going to give this a whirl. As I get motion sick I have everything disabled including the whoosh lines on the screen it’s harder to track how fast you are going. The settings have reduced how quickly I get sick but I still get sick :rofl:

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Hm. Something just occurred to me.

Have you tried setting your Graphics to the lowest possible when Dragonriding? (It can be done in a macro when summoning your Dragon, and reversed in a macro when dismissing.)

If you drop your View Distance to Minimum, then when you are high, you are just flying in a featureless cloud. No sense of motion at all.

I don’t know whether this would make a difference for at least part of the time, but maybe worth a look.

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Thank you . At the moment I have everything disabled and then I just open my map and use the arrow on the map to navigate my way around the isles. I use the flight paths a lot and it’s a shame that teleport network isn’t better lined up with where we go. It needs a pad in the capital.

There is no way round the dragon races ofc, but I do like that WA, I have a much better sense of maintaining speed now.

I usually have a friend who carries me around to do the twice weekly world quest clear. Yesterday he wasn’t available but I managed.

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