So how's the faction balance looking on our server?

Looking forward to battle it out at Nesingwary camp!

Feels like too many allies. Today I saw one in Ratchet, what an insolence. Measures should be taken.

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Is there any proper way to actually find out ? I guess STV will give a good indication.

There’s a neat addon called censusplus which checks how many people there are, their classes etc.

Any alliance able to do a scan in the evening and post the results? On Horde it scanned 7-8k characters over the course of an hour, Friday evening.

I’ve ran if a few times on Alliance side, usually there are -+6k players playing in peak hours.

Cool. So it looks like a 55%H to 45%A, more or less. Not too bad

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More horde ta kill then

Have to say that the horde in this server suck, they are like russia and can only fight when they outnumber you 10-1, wining a 10 vs 15 is easy for ally since we are by far more skilled in small grps and you only rely on number to flood us, get some skills you twatz


i would totally agree with you, but you re a dwarf