So i did something... different... sv hunters read this post

so i did the unusual
and played Survival with a ranged weapon

  • dropped mongoose, harpoon, flanking strike … etc
    and took , kill command, serpent sting, wildfire bomb, fury of the eagle, arcane shot, concussive shot, explosive shot, death glaives

i managed to go 3-3 in Solo shuffle ( i know it sounds bad ) but it was actually ok damage wise
focus on CC’s and set up on the enemy healer and dot the kill target

so for those that want to play the RANGED SV dream again, give it a try

  • rotation: just spam kill command to get free arcane shot procs, and keep dots up, if you have no KC , use arcane shot. use fury of the eagle in close encounters and explosive shot to land kills

number wise i was getting 150k -300k explosive shot crits, 20k-30k serpent sting ticks, wildfire bombs and arcane were about 50-70k… and kill command about 30k ish

  • CC set up , scatter shot into a Trap, into a pet stun… into a chimeral shot for the silence
    this should keep the healer out the game for some time
    and can be done every 1 minute
    root the healer out of LoS with tar trap, and take Tar bomb Disarm for melee
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The biggest downside of this spec is that they made Kill Shot only usable with a melee weapon, especially to prevent this kind of playstyle :wink:

But gz on the 3:3 with this spec, quite good :wink:

yeah if kill shot was Any weapon, i think it would be better, but i dont miss killshot as much as you think
at least with the tier set we have now the bonuses dont require a melee wep

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proof that everyones definition of the word playable is completely subjective

i didnt say it was good, it was just playable

Good job on the solo shuffle, seeing you did it with a handicap. :slightly_smiling_face: I have seen other topics in here talking about “making SV Hunter ranged”, and honestly as it is currently designed, it is meant to work as melee.

Mongoose Bite is an important part of your damage, and while it does feel unnatural to use at first, it does feel really good once learned. :blush: plus, your offensive CDs are also melee based… So using Arcane Shot is incredibly counterintuitive, when your CDs force you in melee range….

SV Hunter just isn’t designed to be 100% ranged, and unless Blizz completely reworks the spec, then it won’t be a viable way of playing using Arcane Shot. :man_shrugging:

But I love the eagerness to make it work. :slightly_smiling_face: Just know that even if it is “COMPLETELY playable”, it doesn’t in any way make it better than using melee.

I can actually thank you, seeing you taught me SV Hunter through your guides Bicmex. :ok_hand: Awesome seeing you active in here too hehe. Saw you at Galeon in MoP a while back, and was completely starstruck. :joy:

But yeah, I honestly think that people who wanna “make SV Hunter ranged”, should just play MM Hunter. :slightly_smiling_face: I don’t quite get the fascination with making SV into a clone of MM.

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