So i have been reported

Neither retail or classic are pay to win


Try to even insinuate something negative about a Blizzard-approved socialmedia personality and you’ll find yourself silenced for a month real quick. Unless the mods play favourites and simply don’t like me :laughing: thats possible too.

Sometimes you gotta walk on eggshells around here even if you do follow the rules.


How do you even win a mmorpg

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Maybe there is a reason for your thread to get flagged… Maybe it’s the apathy of players time and time again groaning and trying to explain that, no, WoW isn’t Pay to Win (At least not yet), and that such claims are, for a lack of a better word, absolutely insane.

I have seen plenty of posts criticising Blizz by people who have TL3.

Your problem here is that insinuating something negative about other actual people is top of the pile when it comes to forum infraction punishments.

I find it better when talking about other players, be they social media personalities or run of the mill posters, that if you cannot say anything nice just walk away and let the thread die. As soon as you start insulting people you’ll find yourself on the naughty step.

Why do people always trot out this trite response? This doesn’t infract upon your right to freedom of speech in any shape or form.


Whatever the post was, was flagged by other users of the forum. It will need to be reviewed by a moderator and if you are to receive a silence they will decide.

This has nothing to do with being silenced by Blizzard, you posted something that upset other users. The most common cause is breaking the code of conduct or the rules of the forum.

Blizzard have never and will never silence someone for making claims like the game is pay to win, if you search you will find plenty of people who weren’t silenced for expressing their opinions.

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yeah sure, freedom of speech but not freedom of consequences.


Very few online forums have freedom of speech though. It’s usually “freedom of the terms you agree to when you sign up” which often enough says what won’t be tolerated.


Don’t disagree with you but this immediately came to mind.

http ://

Blizzard have been factually proven liars in regards to how their silence system works in-game.
Why would their forum be any different at all?

I’ve been silence multiple times.
Most recently i was actually silenced for a couple of hours 2 days ago.
Why? No idea, their system doesn’t provide that kind of information (not like it’s useful, huh?).
I could have made a ticket to dispute it, which I did, but after 2+ days of no response i’ve gone ahead and deleted that ticket anyway.

I’ve also been silenced in the past for calling someone “a complete idiot”.

Which is fine, tbh, it’s their forums, they don’t have to allow freedom of speech here.
It’s just the inconsistency & lack of transparency to it all.

That would be helpful, but then it would be easier to fight it I guess.

Also last few days alot of people without a single forum post have been getting TL3 for some reason, anyone know whats up with that?! They getting alpha invites or something :sweat_smile:

Well if you can factually prove they are lairs then please do prove it. There are always reasons for bans, people can appeal the ban if they feel it was unjust but the bulk are upheld. The system is far stricter on discourse than it was on the previous forums.

Yes insulting people will get you a silence if you are reported, just like any other violation. There really is no need to call others names to get your point across.

People frequently claim to be silenced for the subject matter when most of time they simply can’t express their opinion without swearing or insulting others.

If it is confusing as to why you are silenced then that system may need to be made clearer. Cancelling your ticket however means you wont get an answer and you wont get to appeal.

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This dude again. Just ban him from retail topics already :joy:

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Isn’t the point of warning / suspending someone so that they’ll learn not to do it again?

Without that information, I have no idea what I actually did. So I have nothing to change.
The only thing I can think of is was active in troll threads regarding dark skinned elves (in which im in favor of). Maybe people just went mass reporting down there.


I have highlighted in bold why you got that particular silence.

I understand your frustration but as soon as you start insulting people you’re skating on thin ice.

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Because its stupid to say

Even people who are rich af wouldnt bother unless they are racing for world 1st, since all their money will be completely wasted in a few months! not even a year!

  • you can get gold in game, so if you know how to make gold its not even pay to win, its just optional gearing

I get silenced once a week because of sensetive snowflakes, its the forums my dude

I mean, i know i deserve it, but still

I’ve spent many hours in the past discussing it, this forum is deaf ears on the subject matter.
But you’re more than welcome to look up how they clearly stated that the new silencing system would NOT be automated.
Then the first day it comes out, Asmongold has 39 people report him for saying “test” (or something of that nature), and bam. He is immediately silenced.
A flat out, undeniable lie.

Appeal a silence that has already expired?
And i’ve made many tickets in the past.
It’s always copy pasted, premade responses.

That’s groovy.


Badum tsh


Your post is buried when it is reported by x number of other people. You are not silenced until it is reviewed by a moderator. That system is still in place.

Asmongold tested the in game silencing system, you are talking cross purposes now.

And no I would not cancel a ticket even if my silence had ended if I did not understand what I was silenced for.