So, I'm a ninjalooter

Today happened something that made me feel bad. I did a mistake when we were running through AQ20… here’s what happened.

We killed Moam and all of a sudden item roll windows popped up, all of them. I thought it was kinda odd, since earlier we were just doing /roll on items we needed, but anyway, it happened and I checked what dropped.

Passed on items that were no need for my hunter, but then I saw the ring. Ring of Fury to be precise and thought “that would be an upgrade for me!” and quick look at chat window showed need rolls (tho I glanced at it so quickly, I can’t be now 100% sure all needers rolled need on that ring) so I figured I’d be rolling on it too.

That I did and it ended up in my bag, which I was so excited about I went and equipped it right away (last raids I had been through were not lucky ones… Did ZG, MC and Ony and got only blue leggings, so naturally I was happy my luck had changed a bit). But then all hell broke loose…

People started to inspect me and messages started popping about ninjalooting, “wtf nat” and the like. I was confused and to be honest, it made my stomach feel uneasy because I didn’t know what I had done wrong.

Yes, I’m bad at this game and didn’t understand the whole roll thing that happened… so when people pointed out the item should be rolled again and saw I already had it equipped (bad mistake, I know that now) some of them immediately decided to either ignore me or put me on blacklist, because to them, I was there to ninjaloot items.

I was thinking hard how I could make it right and a thought came into my mind. I offered to trash the ring (since nobody could get it now because of my mistake) and ask those who would’ve wanted it to /roll and I’d give the winner 100 gold. Yes, it’s not much, but I’m not good at making gold so it’s at least some gold in my books.

But it was too late. Those who wanted the ring had either ignored me or something, because I didn’t get any response (only from 1 warrior who said he didn’t care anymore).

So to all of you who were in that raid with me (if you even read this forum), I’m genuinely sorry that I made that mistake and I most certainly learned my lesson: Don’t roll on things unless allowed to and only equip item AFTER the whole raid is done.

Strangely, one of the groupmembers said he didn’t get that roll window for the ring, but did for the other items. Why? That I don’t know. Why did I get the loot window? That’s also beyond me, if some others did not get it. He was there during the kill and all that, so I have no idea why he wasn’t seeing window for that ring.

But yeah… I don’t have that ring anymore, because I figured I didn’t deserve it because of my mistake (no, I didn’t sell it to get few coins… just trashed it). Equipped my old ring and will be keeping it until that moment when I can roll, without mistakes, for another ring. Someone might say I did a stupid thing to throw it away and perhaps you’re right. Perhaps someone will even consider it to be “insult to injury”, but because I never meant that roll to be any sort of insult and since nobody else can now equip it, neither will I. Think it’s only fair that way.

So again, my sincere apologies to those involved and I learned my lesson never to be too fast with items or with rolls. I’m not someone who ninja’s items from dungeons even when I’m a hunter, but after this mistake people might think I am.

Just wanted to create this apology to let everyone make their own decisions about my behavior and my mistake. Now I know better and I don’t tend to make same mistake twice.

Mistakes happens, just recover it and use it. :]

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Yeah they do. Just sucked that I was the cause. But I learned from it and will do better next time :+1:

Sounds like a ninja to me and the way you quickly equipped it following your win.

So why am I not using the ring? Other than it being destroyed, but let’s forget that part. Wouldn’t a ninja be enjoying their fresh gear?

Yes yes, only my word on that, but people are always free to inspect my hunter at any given moment and see that instead of that lost ring, I’m wearing my old one, like I mentioned. What possible gain would I be having from that loot (if I did it on purpose) and then just threw it away because I made a mistake and I figured that I didn’t deserve the item?

Is it so hard to believe that some people actually feel bad after making a mistake and have some dignity to try somehow remedy the situation? Personally I do think there are people like that because I’m one of those, but then again my mind set isn’t filled with cynical thoughts about every player I see and when you think about it… who the heck would even take that ring and risk getting called ninja server wide, when you can get nearly equal from Princess in Maraudon (which people, me included, pretty much already has anyway)?

It’s like going nuts over a piece of silk, when at first you had only some linen drop and if you’d take that silk, people would lose their minds. Why would anyone even consider getting a label of “ninja” over such an meaningless item?

I certainly wouldn’t. Would it be worth ninja-reputation to you to get something like +10AP and +3 stam? If so, then I don’t know what to say… it makes no sense, even if you’d be some hardcore ninja.

But like I said, people can draw their own assumption and because there are a lot of cynical people playing the game, I suppose no reasoning or acts can convince them otherwise.

Sheesh, now that I’ve had a bit of distance from the whole situation, I don’t actually even think anyone would be considering +10AP +3stam upgrade worth actual ninjaing, most certainly since the item isn’t even being used… So overall I think I might’ve overreacted when I thought people were actually losing their minds over my mistake (logic applies here…) and would be going completely nuts. I think I was being too cynical in my original post to think so little of those people involved.

That doesn’t mean I’m not sorry for what happened, because I am. Just that after putting things in proper perspective the whole ring just feels so trivial. The mistake as well, because it was not an act of ninja (don’t quote me on this, but I think ninja’s work a bit differently… :thinking: ). Would I lose my mind if someone took ever so slight upgrade from me, that they might’ve won with other roll anyway? Not really. But I do understand it upset people and that’s why I’m genuinely sorry for the whole thing.

But I gotta ask… since it sounds like a ninja to you, do teach me a bit how ninja’s actually work, since apparently I’m doing it wrong: not owning the ring anymore, writing an apology to public forum about my mistake making it revealed to everyone (shouldn’t I be completely hush-hush about it…?) what happened, offering some sorta payment at least to those involved (which they didn’t accept)… Do tell me how a real ninja would handle this situation?

“They would do just that so they could be somehow pardoned so they could use that ring with clear conscience!” I can hear you say and yeah, probably. The thing is tho, like I mentioned, I don’t own the ring anymore and the people in that same raid can testify that I did offer that gold (what little I have… heck, been lvl60 for some while now and still riding lvl40 mount, because I don’t like goldfarming) to those involved, but nobody accepted. I’m not very good at this ninja-business apparently…

…but I’m good at writing walls of texts. Since english isn’t my own language I’m not sure if my meaning and message gets delivered, so I have this stupid tendency to write a bit more than would be perhaps needed.

Well, that’s part of the Classic experience. It is designed to be social so, as a player, you get confronted with your own feelings more often.

It’s a system of reputation and I guess you putting some effort into a post at least shows you care about yours. What people take from there will never be in your control.


You’re right. I can’t control them, but I can try to be as transparent as possible because it’s not only my own reputation I need to worry about but others too who are somehow associated to me (ingame friends I play with, guildmates…).

There have been situations where something like a whole guild was said to be rotten or bad just because of the actions of 1 or 2 people. Of course nobody should ever judge things like that, since other members can’t really control what everyone is doing. Only when the actual whole guild supports or does that certain activity.

But it is what it is. I just want that other people somehow associated to me won’t be getting any accusations or the like just because someone doesn’t like me or thinks that I act against the community. I care about the reputation of those I play with so because I enjoy their company and I enjoy playing classic, I’d be more than stupid to purposefully try to destroy theirs and mine experience.

I do stupid mistakes from time to time, but I’m not THAT stupid, no matter what people might want to think about me :sweat_smile:

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Ah, Shiv, old Shiv,
What do you do?
Toxic on Defias,
Toxic here too.

Such a reputation
You chose to pursue
That even the bad guilds
Would not take you.

Oh Shiv, sad Shiv
I can’t help but say
Stop blighting the forums
And please go away.

And I’m sorry that happened, OP, but you’re human and we all misclicked at one point. Don’t fret - there’s no point in throwing stones over a mistake, and I’m sure most reasonable people will get over it. May Elune smile on you in the days to come! :crescent_moon:


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