So ***** is actually Elune? (Spoiler)

Seems that Sylvanas is actually Elune as she becomes the World Soul at the end of 9.2 Raid, in which merging with the new World Soul re-creates her and she actually becomes Elune, starting paradox as Elune is always the World Soul since the start of time, but doesn’t actually become the World Soul far in the future for Mortals. This would explain why Night Elves are the favourite of Elune (her race) and why she allowed Sylvanas to do what she did, and stopped her from being killed by the Night Warrior (Empowered by her future/past self).

The Paradox itself essentially comes to conclusion in 9.2 which will allow Azeroth to be reborn (change in direction) and new Timeline…

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I’m not sure what you’re smoking, but can I have some? It’s some crazy strong stuff.

If you’re referring to a particular picture circling around twitter and reddit: learn to spot a fake. :slight_smile:


I’ve consulted the radioactive squirrel outside of my house, that I employ as a lawyer, and he could confirm. It’s true.

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Not sure about Elune and the World Soul, but Sylvanas could probably become a “Goddess” (or anyway a being with basically the same powers of the Titans) at the end of Shadowlands.

This was actually foreshadowed in the book “Before the Storm”, when Gallywix talks to Sylvanas and gives her a piece of Azerite, when she touches it for the first time she immediately had a vision, now I don’t recall the exact text but I know it says “she suddenly envisioned herself as a Goddess of Creation and Destruction, with powers above life, death and time, she was able to raise civilizations (and new races) from nothing, and able to destroy and kill them all in a second if she wished so”.

It seems possible she will become like that at the end of Shadowlands, or maybe it’s just what at that moment she believed the Jailer would have made her eventually after breaking the system of Death and remaking reality…anyway in this way as a Goddess of Creation and Destruction she could eventually redeem herself restoring Teldrassil and all the dead Night Elves in the burning, probably she could do the same with the High Elves who are dead in the Scourge invasion too, and then also solve the population problem of the Forsaken, as she could resurrect or just make more of them out of nothing when she’s a Goddess, or anyway she could make them out of corpses who are not the ones of the Alliance specifically :stuck_out_tongue:


Sylvanas will not going to become any World Soul or whatever. Probably a Jail is waiting for her, or event execution.


Sylvanas and Magni sitting in a tree…
And after a few years there will be small long ear dwarves yelling champion champion.

The world soul ( azeroth’s titan ) is potrayed as a female troll as far as i heard

Elune is the moon ; Sylvanas becomes the forge of reality ; Azeroth’s soul is not born yet

I have no idea what your source is except “dude, trust me”.

Didn’t Anduin have a similar vision? Azerite (like the Well of Eternity) gives everyone that touches it these visions. It’s why we absorbed Azerite into the necklace instead of just picking it up wherever we found it.

Yeah right… after Uther’s mentoring her? We wish.

There is no canon depiction of the World Soul of Azeroth.

People assume she’ll look either like a troll (a native species of Azeroth itself) or an Elf (evolved trolls that MIGHT be changed by Azeroth herself, instead of Elune).

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