So the Tauren

I remember one of the first ever character I have had was a Tauren warrior, I was hoping I will get a totem to wield just like in the Classic trailer, or like Tauren from WC3. However, after many, many, many years, Blizzard have finally introduced the Tauren totemic weapon.

So now I have the question, which class is the closest to the Tauren from WC3, and from the Tauren Earthshakers?

I am in dilemma between Sunwalkers and Warriors, so hoping to see the opinions here.


Warrior tauren had no sunwalkers in wc3 they only became a thing in cata

Sunwalkers were a retcon to justify Paladins. If you want to stay close to the roots go for warrior.

Warrior for sure, the abilities Cairne Bloodhoof used in WC3 were all warrior-like.

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