So.. Valor points system

Vault items should work, the item is still a Mythic X item as Rapator said.

if thats the case then would be more helpful

I hope it ticks these boxes, otherwise it’s just another “We hear you, but we don’t actually listen.”-stunt:

  • Upgrade obtained gear, pre-patch. No limiting to “New only”.
  • Upgrade Vault gear.
  • Up the ilvl you can upgrade it to, let people get their gear through their content; not by forced to do other content (Pvp / Pve; Let people have their choice of fun & challenge.)
  • Make the weekly cap reasonable. Not just… 1 / 4th of an item worth to upgrade (Aka it would take you 4 weeks to upgrade 1 item).
    Make it so you get points enough for 1 and a half items, the - least -.
  • Make the points decently sane to obtain. Not requiring 10/20 M+ etc done.

Aka; Bring the fun back.
Not pile on the chores.
We pay to play - not to work.


i really really wouldn’t be surprised if we had to farm new items. bliz love to get their moneys worth making us jump through hoops

That is afterall what they did to gear before when they made things upgradeable.
Had to be earned - after - the patch.
Later the outcry was so huge they changed it tho, so you could upgrade old stuff too.

This is correct.

You will not be able to upgrade items that dropped before patch 9.0.5.

While we have technical reasons for this, we also want to avoid the feeling that you should go through months of item history and stuff your bags and your bank in preparation for this.

In-game, items that can be upgraded will be clearly labeled as such.


Im kinda woried if this system wont lead to some sort of farming low lvl m+ to farm gear with leech or sockets or whatever for further upgrades…

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That’s really considerate of you that we don’t have to open the Item Restoration Page. With items being so easily farmable in m+ these days. Can’t wait to farm keystone master on all my characters and then farm the items that I want in a 15 again as well as farming for weeks the points to upgrade them.



to be honest this is kind of a let down…

i got a trinket weeks ago which is item level 200 and i can try whatever i want i just cant get it to drop/vault again on a higher item level.

i mean, i would happily go through months of item history if it means i can actually upgrade something useful…


“technical reasons” we need to leech more playtime to satisfy the spreadsheet warriors.


Should be tech reasons for sure, if you remember same thing happened in S4 BFA where you could not use corruptions on items you had before the patch.

They updated it a while later so all items could be corrupt

yeah so they know how to get around it, there choosing not to.
it will prob be fixed a month later after 90% of the playerbase slave away.

INBE4 “current KSM achievements wont apply to upgrades” for technical reasons, go regrind this new character specific achievement


What technical issues are you referring to here? Are they the same technical issues you identified when introducing the corruption vendor, that you initially stated corruptions wouldn’t be able to be placed on items already obtained, to later change this and overcome the technical issues anyway? I find the reasoning fairly weak. How can you state you do not intend to have players saving items or restoring many items from the item restoration page, yet you’re willing for people to spend months to obtain duplicate items only to enable them to upgrade them?


I’m sorry but this is ridiculous, people who are unlucky for drops and have run dungeons 10, 15, 20+ times for a specific drop will now essentially have to go farm it again to upgrade it, why? What are the “Technical reasons”? You’re telling me you can stat squish every item in the game, but can’t flag that you can upgrade a 207 trinket you got from DoS last week?

Clever though, good way of getting people back to farm more M+ now you’re probably seeing people only doing 1-4 per week for a chance of a good 226 piece in the weekly slot machine


This system is only a clever way to bleed/lose more subscribers.

It’s still far superior to buy an 1800 boost if you want a reliable way to gear for m+, however a lot of people would rather not buy boosts, they are likely just quitting seeing as they can’t make any meaningful progress

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Technical issue is simple, they would have to run a giga migration to convert all existing items into new ones.

You guys have no clue how tremendous work would it be. Not to mention the amount of time it would require to finish.



jezus how low you people can drop .

what a complete disater this patch will be then .

its solving literaly 0 issues this game has atm then .


Well 20+ runs to get 1 item you need, lets see that´s around 260 m+, you are so right, that is way more effective then to look into your bank for old items.


Didnt you do THE SAME MISTAKE with corruptions back in BFA?

And here i thought intelligent people learn from their mistakes…

I seriously dont know what to think anymore

This is all well and good but from what I hear, the cap on upgrading the items is 220, which is 6 ilevels below bis. Meaning that this Valor/Justice currency system is more of a “consolation prize” for those that didn’t get anything worthwhile in CN or the weekly vault. Can’t say I’m that hyped about it, if that’s the case.