So we are just not supposed to collect the LFR raid colors?

You cannot need on set items because you have too good gear so you can’t need on them.

And you are stuck in an endless loop of new LFR players needing on it.

Or was I supposed to not get gear outside of LFR?

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This very much is an issue and I consider rolling need for transmog exactly as valid as rolling need for an iLvL upgrade.

I do wonder though, what happens if you were to unequip your high iLvL or tier items, put them in the bank, then buy some green BoE gear off the AH and go in LFR?

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You can use LFR armour or m2/3 gear and use catalyst to change it to LFR tier set.

I dont think many would agree with you there. But i suspose in LFR it dont matter much

Which will later down the line be way more convinient and way faster. But its stupid to rely on some outside system. Lfr players need some geared guys to carry them trough…but now theres zero reason to que as normal and above riader except chance on bottled essence.

But ye youre right, for the OP best way how to do this is farm pieces on low m+ and then catalyst them later in the season when you have spare charges for it. It will be way faster than rolling an new alt and roll against 15 ppl.

Lol …can you elaborate please how in a game based on player power and progression, the need for cosmetics should be equal to the need for gear upgrades? Thats the game idea contradicting on itself.

The group loot system is bad, absolutely terrible decision taken for the 1% whereas the vast majority of players are pugging and LFR`ing. Those players went from getting 1-2 or even 3 pieces of loot / raid, to raiding for 8 weeks (like myself), and getting zero pieces because theres always 15 people rolling

Blizzard thinks the players doing no dps and dying in the first minute deserve the loot more than the ones actually carrying the raid.

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Because not everyone yearns to be in the top 1% or even wants to have higher iLvL, some people play the game for cosmetics and to make their character prettier. There are a lot of people who participate in neither M+ nor raids above heroic dungeons and LFR, those people don’t care about their iLvL, they want to see the story and get nicer appearances. Their way of playing the game for the story, looks and/or RP is no less valid than those playing for performance. Or simply the completionists who must have every appearance.

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At least we know that you in the very least are not carrying anything.

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That’s awful new players being able to need actual upgrades and people who don’t need it being unable to ninja. Blizzard must get on this and fox immediately :roll_eyes:

It’s not like there are 9 transmog collectors to 1 legit low-level player who could use the item upgrades. LFR groups have a mix of both transmog collectors and low-level characters who want to raid and get upgrades.

The game offers tons of easy way to get 385-ish gear. LFR is not the only way for newbies to gear up.

Now, the only way for experienced players to get LFR transmogs from LFR is to create alts of the same class, level them up to 70, keep their ilvl at 359 or only slightly above, so that the stupid loot rule system allows them the CHANCE to get an item. This doesn’t benefit the legit low-level newbies who are doing LFR for the first time; it only annoys the experienced transmog collectors.


Also, the 385 ilvl elemental storms gear does not give LFR transmogs when converted with the Catalyst, for some strange reason. I converted the 385 ilvl elemental storms shoulder piece just now and it only gave me the yellow/normal-difficulty transmog, which I didn’t want. I’m not sure if that’s a bug or if that’s intended - I opened a bug ticket though just in case.

So LFR and M+2 farming is currently the only way to get LFR transmogs. :frowning:

Vault… though then you can’t pick upgrades, if you get that from it.

Loot doesn’t exist in LFR anyways, because of group loot. It’s completely impossible winning anything at all.

Imho, upon getting a raid piece it should unlock all prior.

I.e if u get a heroic head piece, it auto unlocks LFR and normal transmogs with it. I dont like LFR being overincentivized to players who arent interested in the content.

Its extremely tedious snd boring.

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Do you think someone that has played the game a lot and makes the LFR raid easier deserves no reward for playing this?

I think, trying to collect transmogs, while the raid tier is still current, is a waste of time.

One of the few sets, I managed to assemble was the Hunter LFR set from Legion. The one that had blue variation for PVP and Red for a higher Raid difficulty.
I finished collecting the last pieces in solo mode. Running it with 2 different Hunters.

After that, I used it as a transmogg of a SV spec on my BE Hunter. Which I never played. She was BM most of the times.
Now it’s stored in the library.

I would only be concerned if it would be a set locked, behind something that can’t be farmed solo, like Warfronts, in BFA.

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