So what is actually the state of DK currently?

Picked my DK up again this xpac, its by far my favorite class in terms of class fantasy and flavor but they almost always seem to be mediocre at best and awful at worst.

Kinda hard not to just bite the bullet and reroll a DH or Rogue since they are the melee dps who seem to be consistently good.

I don’t really know yet, I’ve been playing UH disease build mostly in m+ but I am getting completely rekt on overall by warriors dh’s and monks. Still working on stats (and yes, I am aware that we can’t pull big dk packs yet)

As for blood, it seems ok, bad opening week with raging I guess. Getting one shot is common place if you can’t get away fast enough when it pops. Fun spec to play tho.

Seems pretty decent in PvP, no idea about PvE. Healing is nerfed to the ground but outside of that damage is pretty darn good and good Go’s feel rewarding both UH and Frost.

The one thing is you are definetly a bit squishy and susceptible to burst so you need to “kite” and “hide” a bit between cd’s. Rogues can burn you down quick if you aren’t paying attention but I feel that is a rogue issue more than a DK issue.

PS: I defo feel like Frost needs some buffs, probably not on the damage front but on the survivability front.

PSS: We are defo in a better state than S1 Shadowlands when we also had serious survivability issues, but UH was fairly trash and the only thing that made DK’s viable was Chill streak cleave that also got nerfed.

Agreed, it was the same issue back in SL. We have the damage but not the survivability compared to other classes.

The recent nerfs was one of the biggest in wow history and all because of a bug.

Pretty much, the damage as Frost is pretty high if you set it up right, though still requires a lot more to pull off to come to the same level as some other classes that require less. It’s been pretty universal that DK’s want a higher physical survivability and not feel like our armour is made out of paper.

Most other melee have a lot of mobility, and people tend to forget that getting out of range of a melee is a defensive in of itself.

I argue the current state is much better than S1 Shadowlands. I literally re-rolled Ret back then because it was just a sad state where every class heals for infinity and I can’t do jacksh**. Also frost setup in SL was a bit harder than currently (imo at least). Atm Ret has dmg but 0 survivability as an example.

My point is nerfing self healing across the board is defo fine with me, it makes the game feel better, but, they overnerfed DK’s. We are a bit away from our class fantasy of a life leeching tanky melee with cool magic tricks up his sleeve.

Yeah, had Rexroy made the good argument that the only nerf that was called for was the 50% nerf to the damage taken healing with Death Strike, the rest was…ridiculous to say the least.

I actually suspect the DS over-nerf was based on some weird data pulls and it probably incorrectly weighted SW as consistent heal across to board. But SW is useless against melee, so you create a gap.

I think there is a solution to this, a 25% buff to DS and reducing dampening effect on Death Pact. This way you never have access to on-demand OP heals and your big heal is once every 2min.

Probably a good solution. The fact we still have the dampening effect on it is strange, thinking of that some classes have exactly the same ability without the drawbacks.

I know right ? I hope they do go in that direction, I have always loved the risk - reward potential of death pact and honestly have played it everytime I could despite the fact its somewhat sh*t. Even now I run it most games as at 1800 CR ppl aren’t that good keep MS effect on me constantly.

I also think blizzard line of thinking is fairly correct with nerfing consistent self-healing but it makes sense a DK would have a strong defensive cooldown heal that has been in the game for a very very long time. It’s arguably CORE fantasy.

Even using Death Coil + Lichborne should be a massive self healing CD, they could even do a recall to Wrath by making it refund 50% of RP if used to heal. You sacrifice a CC counter to self heal, it should be much more powerful as a self heal than it is.

Actually that is an amazing point, that should defo be buffed.

Reactive healing should always be better than passive healing, something seem a bit in the air right now

Not only CC counter.
You sacrifice CC counter, 3-4 GCDs, all RP in order to get around ~50% HP at best?
On a 2 minutes CD?
This is balanced?

According to someone, it is.

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