So what is the deal with Gilneas now?

Surely it’s not uninhabitable, doesn’t it have Twilight Hammer/Deathwing forces roaming around in Cata (I’m not really sure since I haven’t done the Rogue questline there).

So with Sylvanas out of the picture it’s not out of the question for the Gilneans to come back, is it?

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The latest update given through the novel Before the Storm, highlighted how a great portion of it was blighted and invaded by Forsaken forces.
Then, in the table missions, we were shown pocket resistance storming out of certain settlements and attacking Forsaken outposts.

Its current situation is unknown, although we know that at least during BfA it remained conflicted.
We may have an update on it when the Forsaken get their heritage armour questline, or the next big event that tackles how the EK are faring post-BfA.

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