Social discomfort

Why are people so toxic in wow? Was not like that before.

Because WoW has become a bad game and all the true gamers have left to play FFXIV while the tryhards who spend their whole day trying to increase their M+ score and parses stay behind. The tryhards are not very nice people because their life is often miserable and the only thing that gives them satisfaction is timing a key or parsing purple or orange.

I have been playing WoW since TBC and switched to FFXIV last year and it is a completely different world. I feel like I jumped into a time machine and went back to TBC. Everyone is nice, people try to help and it feels like an actual game… There is no toxic game design that forces you do run garbage content just so you can get a little item upgrade.

The game design is based around having fun and the devs often implement things that have no real value except fun. Just for example. They recently added something they call “adventurerer plate” which is essentially a little eCard where you have your character’s portrait and some more information. You can customize the potrait as you wish, similar to how back in the day you could customize your armory pose (when WoW was still about having fun) and people are loving it. People are going through their guild roster just to stare at everyone’s “business card”.
Stuff like this never happens in WoW and is never going to happen because most people that play WoW only care about the hamster wheel content.

If you really want to be part of a nice community try out FFXIV and join a big social guild, your mind will be blown how different it is. If you want I can refer you and you get an heirloom and a brofist emote.

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Honestly? That’s how it is currently and unless you have a friend group to play with, classic / what Athena said are better options for a community.
I feel like content that people try their best to do as efficiently as possible makes people really mad and in a rush and the issue is: this is a really big part of retail currently.

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