Social guild <Twisted Minds> wants more friends!


We’re a newly formed social guild looking for more members to join our adventures throughout Azeroth! We aim to stay a small to medium sized guild, encouraging a tight knit community who enjoy all aspects of the game together, all from levelling, doing old content, slaying horde and doing mythic plus keys! Founded by a core group of friends all having started playing the game in the early days of vanilla. We have members of all levels of experience from mythic raiders to people who have just made their first character, so everyone is welcome. Our members also enjoy playing other games together such as ESO, SWTOR, League and more!

For more information please feel free to add one of our officers.
Or find us in game for a chat.

Lilletuc - Shioba#2296
Sariou - KimS#21756

Hi Marler. Your guild is exactly what I am looking for. Not very many guilds left on here that really stay tight nit. I have a level 120 Druid. She’s balance and I haven’t found anywhere to call home that likes to do dungeons together etc. So it’s been quite a long time since I have stepped foot inside a dungeon. I am on another realm and do not mind transferring if you could use a Druid. :slight_smile:

Hey Isy

We’d love to have you join us if you don’t mind the transfer. We do dungeons together almost every night and hang out on discord!

You can either poke one of our members for an invite when on the realm or add
my btag if you have any questions or want a chat before joining! :smiley:
Lilletuc - Shioba#2296

Thank you so much. Will transfer over tonight. I look forward to meeting you.:blush:

Hi Marler!

Your guild sounds interesting to me! I leveled up my Alliance Warrior a little while ago, but kinda stopped playing because I couldn’t really find a smallish guild group to play with. Definitely interested in having a chat to find out more!

Hey Elenaril

We really focus on having a tight knit community, we aim to stay a small guild but we definitely have room for more awesome people!

Just add me for a chat about the guild! Shioba#2296 :slight_smile:

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