Social Raid - Amirdrassil

Hi, We are looking for mature players to join our Social Raid team.
We run a chilled and relaxed raid, every Saturday from 7.30pm-10PM (GMT).
Many of us are 9/9 HC, but have recently taken over a Social Raid team.
So far, that is 8/9 HC.

Most of us are based in the Obsidian Order Guild, but anyone on the server would be welcome to join. If you are interested please contact:

⦁ Stormfury - Stormfury#21493 ( / mavelithstormfury (Discord)
⦁ Eizenheimz - Eizenheim#21431 ( / eizenheimz (Discord)

We can then link the Disc info and Social raid rules etc.
Thanks! =)

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