[SOD] [EU - Crusader Strike] [Alliance] Aspirants of Eternity is looking for ppl for a second Raidteam!


are looking for ppl for a second Raidteam / a Raidteam which wants to merge with us to clear 20-Man Content for phase 3 and beyond together!
We currently have a consistent Raidteam clearing Gnomeregan every reset and most of us have been playing since beginning of phase 1 together.
For us Parses, Logs and that stuff are not important, we want to clear content, be serious when needed, but mostly have a good time with other ppl together.

So hey if you are looking for a smaller Guild or you are the Leader of a smaller Guild and want to merge together hit me up!
We are open for everyone of any skill set or knowledge to join just don’t hope for a big parsing tryhard guild.
I would describe us as a semi tryhard english speaking guild
Now and for the future what we can offer is: Trying to have fun and clearing Raid content together, occasionaly PVP, Dungeon Grinding to get gear or boost alt accs and just hanging out and talking about things in Discord.

If i for some reason peaked your interest i would love to hear from you in my Discord DMS (Darhanis) or Message my Character In game (Annathel)!

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