SoD - GM's exist but won't stop botting?

So today Xaryu had a whole server attempting to kill the Blood Loa boss during the STV event, things were going well and it looked like they were going to get a world first in downing this guy, until a GM appeared, visible to all players there, actively hotfixed the boss increasing its HP when it was on 20% health to around 13 million in an attempt to stop the kill, and even tanking the boss for a couple hits before disappearing.

Yet bot reporting despite the amount of mass reports for the absurd amounts of bots running around starting zones etc go through an automated system in which maybe a week later you will get a response in the mail saying something has been done?

I cant understand the logic in spawning a GM in game to actively ruin an interesting bit of WoW history in the making (with all the players working out the blood buff from the event is what prevents the boss from healing with a server wide effort to try and down the bug guy!) But won’t spawn one in to actively improve the game and make an effort at removing bots sooner?

Thoughts anyone? Seemed a bit shady to me!


No idea who this guy Xaryu is , but there was a reason for gm’s action…

Become a streamer and you will have GM to take care of you.


Was a cool video and event though:) Had the boss once down to 19%.
That’s the type of stuff I love seeing in the game - community events and everyone has fun:) that’s what’s gaming all about

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Its not as easy as that to prove botting, there are other types of bots that are killing the game that aren’t detected easy. Rotation bots for example which use legit addons in conjunction with illegal ones to essentially cheat. The only way to completely stop botting is to blacklist and ban ALL addons and remove the capability to host addons from the client. its a catch 22

As for the GM stepping in, That boss could have some game breaking loot in its table. Its not launched yet so there is no telling what its holding if its not been implemented correctly yet. It could drop an item that could ruin the economy of the game for example

Not always… but sometimes its pretty obvious
Pretty much any time of day/night there is an endless conveyor belt of mages of various level running between the stockades and the enchanting shop vendor. They aren’t even trying to hide it.


Season of Streamer

this was just a promotion thing.

This is exactly the sort I’m on about! The stream of bots running around northshire, to the tavern in SW and then like someone else said, from the stockades to the vendor and back in again, 90% of the time all mages as well!

These sort are so obvious that it really baffles me they dont spawn a GM in for 5 minutes and just insta-ban a couple of 100 of them in that time just in the alliance starting zones

Gm do they exist? Mythical creatures like gods from ancient legends?

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Do you even know what a GM is? They’re not the ones who have the power to track botting.

Bot detection and hunting is for DEVS.

It is supposed to be a mouse/cat game between devs & bot but RN the cat is fat, bald, wearing a “For the Horde” shirt, playing shaman and totally out of touch :crazy_face: so mouses are having their best life :smiley:

I troll about shaman because it breaks the game RN, I know they don’t play their game, the sad truth is i’m probably closer than I wish I would be :cry:

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