Solar Rage (A Aerie-peak and bronzebeard)

New social and leveling guild.

Looking to take on a few members for social and leveling ready for shadow-lands.

We will be doing things like world quests, world events, 5 man normal’s, heroics, maybe a mythic or 2, old content (manly achievement runs, alt gearing as needed, mount runs ect).

Might do the odd raid but it depends on peoples rl commitments, anyone who wants to raid can do just ask if anyone is free and able to go before going lfr or plan a run on the calendar before pugging the rest.

If interested please msg me for an invite, my real id is nnighteelff#2353 or my other half on Worgendruid#21580

Main objective is fun, lets see what the future holds, happy playing!!!

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