Solo play is fun

So I’ve not played much this season, wow became more of a chore than hobby, but yesterday I decided to play some monk and do the quest line for the Zaralek Cavern. Having gotten through a decent chunk of it I wanted to kill some of the silver dragons that kept popping up on the map, thinking this is a good way to get some loot. Turns out they are not even remotely soloable as a monk with 380 ilvl. So heres my question(s):

What purpose do these elite mobs serve? I assume you need higher ilvl to kill them, or a group, but if you already have higher item level… why would you kill them? Getting a group seems impossible, because nobody is killing them anymore. Are they just fodder now, like all the materials in bags that no longer have any relevant use?

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They can drop some gear(with a color that makes them great for transmog at least on the cloth side), some crest items, certain recipes. There should be groups in the party finder, also should be soloable as a tank/heal spec, but it’ll be super tedious. I’m not sure at what ilvl would you be comfortable to do it as a monk, but yeah ^^

They served a purpose to gear fresh alts before 10.1.0 patch. You could farm 395 ilvl gear in a few days. There were dozens of raids farming those rares, so it was not an issue to find one. Nowadays this gear is useless, because you can loot better gear in current content. The only purpose they serve now is as a source of keys for achievement hunters. There are some raids killing those rares, wait for peak hour and look in LFG for “zaralek rares farm” groups.

I agree.

I can find no sense in the Zaralek rares. I couldn’t find much in the Forbidden Reach rares before them, but at least they were just filler to stretch out a few more weeks at the end of a patch.

The Zaralek rares were brought in as permanent meh-quality loot pinatas, and sources for McGuffins for cosmetics, which I imagine somebody would like - not me, but somebody somewhere - and then the devs said that was a mistake and changed them to drop only every [something - I don’t care and can’t remember] days.

I can’t figure out what thought process produced them. /smh

As the others said, there are groups if you really want anything from them.

Rares tend to be group content. If you really want to kill them your best bet is to look for a Caverns rare killing group in the Group Finder.

I have duo-ed them occasionally with a well geared friend but it’s not really ideal.

So just another batch of content that will forever be here, serving no purpose. Is it worth playing through the campaign at all, apart from completion?

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Yeah I doubt I will be doing that. I play open world so that I won’t be depending on other players so much :stuck_out_tongue:

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Dragonflight is … strange.

ALL of the world content that gives any progression is faux-group. Every. Single. Bit.

I really start to think that the devs are genuinely trying to drive world players out of the game. (While preserving plausible deniability, ofc, since we pay at least half of all revenue.) They never cared that much about us, at least since I started, but this expac feels mean, malicious.

It becomes a lot more impactful for new or returning players who lack gear. The Fyrakk event alone is horrible if you dont do it on weekly reset.

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