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Today I was doing Solo Q and had a single blood DK in the party and no other tank. I thought when tanks sign up for Solo Q they would be match and play vs other tanks.

Blizzard, please could you please remove the tanks from being able to Sign up for solo Q Arena? It’s so boring and pointless. Most rounds finish in a 3/3. It feels like a waste of time. or give us the option if we want to be able to sign up with tanks

Or maybe change it and Have it so it has 2 tanks 2 healer and 2 DPS.

I faced a blood dk + heal and dps, then my side was 1 heal and 2 dps, still don’t get why this happens, frankly I think tanks should have their bracket ( tank / 2 dps vs tank / 2 dps ).

prot pala actually gets this, i think they’re the only tank however which gets the treatment due to the fact they’re a very support heavy tank.

The reason is because they count as healers even when they shouldnt since ppl can abuse wintrading through it.

Tanks shouldn’t be able to que, and all tank obtained shuffle rank 1’s should be removed.

You’re not rank 1.

You just griefed 1,9k lobbies as a tank spec. :skull:

u face em so rarely that u didnt even know how tanks are handled in shuffle up to this point. its like this for over a year now. the game really has more severe problems id say.

I am gonna say it here, I enjoy solo shuffle and even 2v2s and 3v3s as Blood Death Knight.

BUT I farmed my ratings etc. (they are not high of course) as Unholy DK just to be on the safe side :slight_smile:

This dk was 2k cr so it sure looks odd.

Were pointing towards prot pala lobbies =p

Every other tank counts as “dps”. x)

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My bad :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

blood is legit, not griefing !

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I really is. troll to tank in Arena

u got 200 games at 1,5k, how is it not griefing? xd

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