Solo rating counting?

Can anyone explain me this

War up to me have same like me 3/6 win round, i have more kill, more dmg and he get 49 rating ane me 4 rating…


dmg or kills is irrelevant for gaining rating or losing. The only thing that counts is your your MMR, enmies mmr and how many rounds you won.


His mmr is higher, maybe he was on winstreak so he will get more points until his rating matches mmr. More winstreak = more points per win.

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IS the same for me i win 3 out of 3 0 Rating and the next i win 2 out of 6 and get - 65
i cant get ovewr 1200 in rating i get to 1200 rating and next game i just win 2 out of 6 and - 65 and go down down down down :S
i am soon down healing SS i will try to go dps and i suks as dps i played healer in 16 yr in wow and SS is NOT fun to heal and is hard to get raing as a healer
and i am not a rank 1 healer i an just a NooB healer who like to heal in pvp and i am sad to say is not fun as healer and i play Rshaman and Rdruid

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