Solo Shuffle Battlegrounds

I can’t wait for these to start will be very good.

Not as good as the Arena version as we can’t all swap round teams etc BUT its going to be so much better than normal Bg’s…can’t wait.



Solo BG should start in S4 not in next expansion.


yes no prefer pre made bettel ground group god cen imange solo qeu right now solo bg so good wich mean fill bots so many russian pre made not fun

are people actually enjoying the 8mans with the increased mount speed and stuff?
to me the mode feels pretty troll and will be more of a way to fill vault on alts rather then a serious bracket.


Nope, the mount speed is a bit of a fun novelty but almost nullifies the speed utilities that some classes have, that make them more viable for games like WSG. Not a fan of it only being 8 man either and the node switching thing is just irritating. Same queue style with standard format BG would be more fun, for me anyway.


I would reduce the number of healers to 1 per group for faster queues.

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i hope they make this asap.

The mode is completely troll. I don’t get it. Maybe Im missing something

Wouldn’t stop the 10 declines in a row though.

I’m still ultra confused by the queue declining thing, there isn’t even a decline option. Are the queues popping at totally different times for different people, so that by the time you press enter, someone has already had the 25 or however many seconds it is, in the queue and not clicked enter so that it appears to you that someone has insta declined?

This mode wont be good, ofc this is my own subjective opinion but it isn’t bgs anymore. hunters/mages/rogues/druids are insanely overpowered in this mode given their cc / that caps are 4 seconds. The mount speed should be deleted and maybe only kept for deepwind gorge, the cap time should be what it is in rbg/normal bgs.
at 2k mmr or higher you’ll see bot healers whose throughput just loses you the game by default the avg throughput for healers is like 10-20 mil sometimes lower. However the higher you go mmr wise you’ll start to see good healers, however most low games will be very painful for melee specs that are dependent on healers performance.
the fast rising flag stacks should be nerfed and kept at original speed.

also before this mode goes live AOE damage balancing (under CC pressure) should be done so it isn’t just the RBG meta specs that’ll end up at the highest mmr/ratings by default ie sub/assa rogue, havoc, mw, prevoker, arms warrior, balance druid etc.

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What surprises me most about this mode is that not even here people know what they have to do in a bg.

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