Solo Shuffle Update - 6 January

This is probably your only decent point.

  1. It doesn’t apply to healers. If healer leaves, then the other healer would have 6-0 (and fairly, because the other healer, his only competitior, conceded all matches).
  2. They could have gotten few points (but you’re right, not many).
  3. Loser can still have 1-2 or 1-3 before leaving, meaning somebody might be able to get actually 4 wins or so.

hey guys, seems like the new update is already live.
Had a game and someone was leaving, he got -170 and my group received/loss points for win/loses of the previous rounds

Nice !!

There is no blue post for that ?!

yeah I haven’t seen anything as well… but it is implemented, I had two solo shuffles now with leavers … so they get around -170 rating and additionally -150 for leaving? or is it just -170 and MMR lose as well?

I’m just getting more and more convinced that you need to remove the interrupt from other healers or give priests an interrupt the more that I try to play solo shuffle. They can just run after you and stop you from casting while they can cast freely right next to you without having to be scared of an interrupt.

And oh, you also need to pretty much DESTROY evokers mana in arena. They need to actually be able to go oom.

The updates above both went live early this morning.


I’m happy to hear you are working on Solo Shuffle. We’ll see how your proposed fix works against leavers, I think it might not be enough and they should get account wide deserter affecting PvE and PvP. We’ll see.

I was correct, now that it is implemented, what I’ve described literally happened to me the first game.

This needs to be recalculated as if leaver lost every following round. Not just matches played. Otherwise it’s unfair to whoever got the leaver first.

Nerf unholy dk, buff Frost dk, nerf elememtal shaman, buff enha shaman, nerf preservation evoker, buff holy pala, nerf resto druid, buff Fire mage, nerf feral druid.
I solved all problems for now, you welcome

Also now its even worse with leavers. I played 3 rounds, won 1 loss 2, guy left and I got minus cr. There has to be higher restriction and system that can recognize if you left arena or you got disconnected. So if you leave on purpose you get title of shame next to your name that you cannot change till end of season.

30 minute queue times is a much bigger problem than leavers, we’re still waiting for a fix.

It isn’t enough.

Well today I noticed that some can screw you over even harder now…
If you join a solo shuffle and if you dont have a positive w/l if someone afks you will LOSE rating!
If you play 3 games with a healer who is much worse than the other healer and he decides to afk your game will count as 0-3! and you will lose a ton of rating! You didnt even get to play with the other healer!
As yet again a very well thought out system by blizzard!

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you can literally cause yourself to be disconnected at will

Account-wide deserter for leaving solo shuffle affecting PvE and PvP starting from 30 min increasing to hours, days and week is the only real solution here imo

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and iq test before joining solo q will be good too if u fail it u get 30 min acc wide deserter ppc

In the meantime, all of the sudden Solo Shuffle rules of rating has changed. if you win 3 rounds, you dont lose or gain rating, anything below 3 wins is lowering the rating and anything above 3 wins improves it… So rating and MMR doesnt matter now, I get to play with ppl with 0 to 1.2k rating while being above 1.8k…

Pretty much every time I’ve had some DPS flame me for him dying it looks like this in details:

If they even use a CD at all before they die.

Are you that DPS?

Bad idea. People will just die fast or go afk.

Good changes.

But each week after reset for 3 weeks the queuing system has been broken.

Today my experience was:

  • queue button does nothing
    -queue button says “someone in my party already queued”
    -queue button works but says the average time is 49 days
    -queue button works but gives no average time and queue never pops and last and worst:
    -queue button works, arena pops, game starts, booted to loading screen, lose 200 rating for no reason.

I’ve been turned from the biggest fan of SS to the reason I could cancel sub. I’m fed up.