Solo shuffle

Can we please INFLATE SOLO SHUFFLE PLZ? at 2.2 mmr there are only multy rank1 playing


They should make separate solo shuffle for no skill players.

I don’t know if you had some unlucky queues, but i barely even meet other glad players at 2200 - 2300

I consistently meet glads at duelist ratings, even multiple rank-one players with youtube channels and a following.

It sucks being outclassed, but at the same time it’s exciting especially if you steal a round or two against them

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I constantly meet elem shams botting at 2200 so I stopped playing. Having a lot more fun at 1800 where it seems elem shams are not botting or their bots suck. It’s not fun to have half of your games with a 5-1, 6-0 Sham with a nick like “Iamelegodx” that ends a game with 30 interrupts, perfect groundings, highest DMG by a large margin…

yea it happens when 2.4 is literally rank 1 cutoff for some specs lmao

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Sure it can be inflated with
Macro abusers
Have your pick :joy:
No wonder participation is dead along MMR
Make an overly designed and complex game then allow people to bypass everything and get a huge unfair advantage in pvp.

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I need to be top 300 in the world, for my spec, just to get an enchant. It’s insane.


aint it fun to heal shuffles, strangely everyone for shuffle are always dps and heals either say something negative or just have vanished from the game by now

even with 2v2 dead since shuffle im gaining my enchant for season from 2s faster than from shuffle as healer and once i do i wont propably touch shuffle again for the rest of the season as i have no incentive to play it

hope everyone the longest ques of their lives for the rest of the season, all the shuffle enjoyers in their ques

I think you might be right, I was forced on my alts with 0cr in shuffle to play at 2.2mmr and in nearly every game I played in the other players were running in on their last season or this season glad mounts. I mean one of the guys I was with I watch his stream, he’s a multi rank1.

It was awful, I had no gear and was very rusty. It’s put me off playing shuffle on my other alts since I got 2.4 on them last season (because of inflation) meaning they will all start shuffle at 2.2mmr. Awful system this.

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Seems to me, from looking at streams, that all the rank 1 players are parking at 2.5-2.7k or so, and then they run around playing alts at 2.2k. Seems like a reasonable thing to do given the mechanics of the game, but I imagine it does feel a little frustrating to be hit by a wall of AWC champions at 2.3k.

I haven’t got any solutions though…

i mean its the complete opposite of reasonable what you just described but i dont blame the players i blame the system, which in my opinion on deflated seasons like this demotivates people from playing even more so it adds up to the multiple other problems already festering

if you go play 2s on 2kmmr you are likely to encounter almost entirely 2.5-2.7k xp ppl with min 5x glad on their account, yet the game tells you youre playing as a rival 2 on 2000cr, i debate this is far from anything but sensible or reasonable as a rated system

it should been made % based achievements long ago again, and then deflation or people with 20 alts smurfing the brackets wouldnt even matter

Yes, I mean it’s reasonable from the players to respond this way to the system.

rated should been made % based achievements long ago again, then all of this would be of nonissue, deflated seasons or players doing whatever with their alts

there is too much difference between seasons with current system to be interpret reasonably as it doesnt show of anything consistent other than challenger people being challenger :smiley:

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Wild yet my alt is at 2600 cr and 2700 mmr with a 75% win rate from 175 rounds. I must have completely gapped all of these r1s :yawning_face:

Nice :ok_hand:
But not everyone is on your level.
The game is very rewarding for skilled players like you and very punishing for normal players.
Blizzard needs to find a middle ground in game design.

What I’m saying is there’s nothing wrong with the inflation of MMR in shuffle especially for DPS and it is very hard to believe that 2200 has ‘only multi r1s playing’.

well its not shuffle but same apply there and i just had to win oldasian on 2.1kmmr with this sv i added from lfg

im rival 2 and i have to play vs ppl that has 4x 2.3 current arenas and making 5th on our mmr, the same was in shuffle, i dont care about shuffle tho, that bracket can die i have more fun in 2s, the season is just dead, think its time to put it as % based rewards already

edit: i got my duelista for the season from 2v2 with sv i added from lfg, do whatever u want with your shuffles, i continue with 2s for rest of my human life

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