Solo Shuffle

Cant increase rating basically stuck at 1600.
Need help in solo shuffle.

Can you record one queue (6 total rounds) as a youtube video and post it here?

If you play Holy priest I would be happy to help you out with any advice

Will have a go at recording. Will try to get a bad one.

First video
World Of Warcraft 2024 06 09 04 24 14 02

Second video
World Of Warcraft 2024 06 09 05 02 46 03

Eh, you probably should keybind your stuff instead of clicking, just a first advice.

Two more videos.

World Of Warcraft 2024 06 09 09 03 24 04

World Of Warcraft 2024 06 09 09 33 47 05

Fade is a good example. It and GS. A hunter was able to one shot me in full PvP gear.

Not having keybinds is your biggest issue. Get binds to select party member 1,2,3, focus target 1,2,3 and for all of your abilities. And make focus target macros for stun, dmg abilities etc. You can’t even remotely focus on stuff like cd tracking, positioning etc if your constantly busy clicking on stuff (and you have a lot of idle time between gcds). Focus on pumping out as much hps as possible at first and rotate through your cds.

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Also get a gladius / sarena

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Its a step by step learn progress if you set up everythink at once he will fail horrible

  1. Bind stuff you press all the time

  2. And Most importent as heal if you are not disc is party member target binds (classic is mousweel up and down for teammates)

  3. Spam games until the new settings feels like home and then add more listed above

You can make macro for damage that target your targets target, mean if you heal your dps you can hit his target with your spell without switch away from your teammate
Not optimal but a nice tool too make your live ez

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Thats what I’m going to do, add changes one at a time.

before you have keybinded every single spell its not even worth to help you with your gameplay.
This should be your number 1 priority. If you are comfortable with your keybinds you can send another VOD of your gameplay and you can improve that.

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Thanks, guess I got to play a lot of games and add keybinds.

Small thinks you can improve in your UI
Like healthbar colours for classes

And i would move actionbars and healthbars more centert arround the middle of the screen
But if you feel comfortable with your UI first step keybinds

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Here is the longest possible reply which should cover everything you need to get at least 500 rating above your current rating. Long read ahead.

Step 1.

Healer UI.

Your UI is not suited to playing healer in any capacity.

You need to be able to see your party’s actual health at all times plus having enemy ones via SArena or Gladius at all times.

Most Arena players use the following type of raid Frames and party frames UI outlook:

That’s how your UI for teammates and enemies should look like. Screenshot taken from Lontar’s stream, the best overall healer PvP player in the game currently.

For a guide on UI setup, check out the Skillcapped one on youtube -

The mandatory addons you will require for Arena are:

  • Gladius or SArena (they do the same thing, just look different, preference to which one you pick) - shows enemy trinket, health, spell casting bar at all times on your right side

  • BigDebuffs - shows debuffs on party frames for your teammates. For example, if your teammate is stunned by a paladin stun, you will see the debuff icon and will know you have to dispel him at that moment, same for fear, polymorph, and every other debuff.

  • OmniCD -shows teammate cooldowns if they are up or on cooldown. For example, if your teammate who is being the kill target is attacked, you will know if they have any remaining defensives, CC or trinket or not and can adjust your gameplay midgame based on that.

  • OmniBar - shows enemy cooldowns if they are up or on cooldown. For example, you can track ranged interrupts, so if the enemy team has no interrupts available, you’re free to spam Flash heal without being scared of getting kicked on it. Or you will know when an enemy has things like Blind for you or if it’s on cooldown.

Lastly about UI, enable friendly nameplates. I can see on the videos you are struggling only following the outdated team markers, so enable friendly nameplates to see where your teammates actually are.

Step 2.

Clicking your spells.

This is usually an issue when wanting to push rating, because there is a delay between the time your mouse reaches a spell and you press it, this is why having keybinds is much better.

Recommendation: Put your major important cooldowns and spells on easily and comfortable buttons close to your W A S D movement keys. For example, you can put Flash heal on 1, Prayer of Mending on 2, Holy Word: Serenity on 3, Chastise on 4 and for some other things you can put them on close and comfortable letter keys - For example you can put Guardian Spirit on F, Purify (dispelling teammates) on T, Void Shift on B, your Medallion PvP trinket on V and such.

Over time, it is easy to get used to having keybinds. All you have to do is set up comfortable keys for important spells and do a few hours of play with those keys. You can use combo keybinds with the same numbers and letters that are comfortable for less important spells, such as Shift + V, Shift + 1, etc.

Step 3.

Now we move to gameplay.

First thing - use Pillars and keep your distance. Pillar is your friend, Pillar doesn’t allow you to get attacked or crowd controlled easily. Heal your allies from a distance, you do not need to be close to the fight at all. If your teammates are pushing in for the win, then you can move out closer to them, but remember, your spells have 40 yard range.

A rookie Priest mistake is being obsessed with the melee range fear. In most situations, you don’t need it at all. If your team has pressure, you can go stun healer into fear, however this compromises your positioning if this leads to you taking a CC and then losing. You can easily play 95% of your games from max range on a Pillar and win them by keeping your team up.

Second thing - Spirit of the Redeemer is the most important CD for Holy priest in Shuffle. You want to use this the moment you see enemies bursting - such as Ret using wings, Warr popping Avatar, DH popping Metamorphosis and such. This cooldown works to counteract all that damage and those cooldowns, because you are healing for free. When you press it, IMMEDIATELY PRESS DIVINE HYMN afterwards (make sure you’re playing the Divine Hymn PvP talent as well at all times in Shuffle). This will heal your whole team and give them a healing received buff for half a minute, which will make dying much harder for your team.

Once Divine Hymn has finished, spam Flash heals to reset your Serenity charges.

The win condition of Holy Priest in Solo Shuffle is usually reaching the 2nd Spirit of the Redeemer, because at that point you have a full 13 seconds of keeping your team almost guaranteed alive, while enemy team is probably out of CDs and will likely die.

Make sure that you have popped Spirit of The Redeemer in an open field area with line of sight for your allies, so nobody lines you.

Third thing:

Don’t use 2 Serenity in a row. It’s a big cooldown and you need to keep resetting it with Flash heal and Prayer of Mending. Every game, your first globals on teammates as gates open should be putting Renew on everybody so you may get free Tierset stacks, and then put Prayer of mending on your teammate which is the kill target. The moment enemy team pops their burst CDs, you pop Spirit of Redeemer > Divine Hymn > Flash heal spam and Serenity if somebody gets very low. Guardian Spirit is your placeholder big CD when Spirit of Redeemer is on CD.

The rest of the game you’re looking to spam Prayer of Mending off cooldown while maintaining your Renews up, and doing Flash heals to reset your Holy Word: Serenity and using Serenity when an ally gets too low, then resetting it again with more Flash heals so it is available again. Use Guardian Spirit on the focused teammate early and combine it with Serenity for a big heal. Cycle the cooldowns properly and you will have a high chance of winning.

Finally, you should be playing Void Shift in EVERY GAME and use it as a LAST RESORT button to save a teammate. Usually, it is good to keep trinket for Void Shift if your teammates are pressing their own defensive cooldowns properly. If not, you may have to trinket earlier. Just remember, Void Shift is your final cooldown in all situations, it’s a 5 minute CD which will heal a teammate to full by making you low hp instead. Use it after you’re out of any other buttons.

As a final note on the rotation

Spirit of Redeemer + Divine Hymn + Heal spam for free - your first big heal combo
Guardian Spirit + Flash heals + Serenity - your next heal combo
If you reached a 2nd Spirit of Redeemer + Hymn - your 3rd heal combo
If you didn’t reach a 2nd Spirit, then your 3rd heal combo is likely Void Shift into some heals

Step 4:

Always be watching if you want to improve. What does this mean?

It means you should watch streamers play your spec to see what they are doing and try to emulate what they are doing and do the same in order to improve.

Here I will link you the VOD of the Shuffles Zenlyn (one of the best priests in the world) where he is playing Shuffles - you can take a note from the gameplay and the UI overall

All of this sounds extremely complex on paper, but isn’t that difficult with some practice.

If you follow the things written on this reply for a month or a few weeks, you are guaranteed to at least get 1800, and most likely also get 2100 or higher.

Hope this was helpful, to the Batmobile :bat:


This guide is awesome Irony :grin::grin::grin: i never played holy, only disc. I suck in arena too, but learning as i go. But damn, ill be trying holy now for sure. Thanks batman :bat:

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I’m kind of surprised there’s no mention of shadow word death to break CCs that break on damage.

To be fair everyone should have a healer to play from time to time, not only is it nice to have instant queues but it also gives a better understanding not how to piss them off by making weird plays.

Myself usually is between 1800-1900 rating and it really feels frustrating how many games I lose when dps go los or putting me in weird positions.

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It’s supposed to be more basic. I suppose SWD Sheep and Fear is basic as well, but good catch on that one. I honestly could write another 3 pages regarding gameplay, but I think getting the basics down and having good UI + positioning + rotation is more than enough for Duelist.

Rest is just playing a lot and watching other good players play your spec to figure out what you can also be doing.

100% see gaps for me to push towards. Thanks very much.

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Keybind. People don’t realise how big a difference in reaction speed clicking vs keyboard pressing is. Trust me. I used to die on the hill clicking was just as good as binding if it’s your preference. It is not the case.

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