Solos... rating change

Why there is still a 0 points for dd classes if there is a heal with 0/6 and heal with 6/0???
Its defenitely heal fault, so why dd dont get any profits after 6 matches? The one whos happy after this solo is only a heal with 6/0…

so you want even more incentives for damage dealers ?
isn’t the 30 minutes queue long enough ?
In every lobby, the weakest players get to play one game with the two best players from the lobby. If those two cannot make a difference, than you all deserve to get 0, otherwise it would be too convenient to have a troll player throw the games intentionally so the others gain rating, incentivizing wintrading.

Pin this for eternity, it’s true.

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I mean it dont heave to be significantly rating gain but sth like +15 but not a 0. Its truth what you said but overall how to reward those tho best players from the lobby? a 0 rating doesnt seems to be fair for one of them. Many gladiators starts to play a new char with 0 experience of the class they choose or role. For example they start to play healers and they even write in a Shuffle game that its 1st ever try on this class. It would be fine if its not 1800+ mmr. Every char should have zeroed exp in mmr. And this is a point. They end up a game with 0/6 as a healer and 5 of 6 players have to suffer cause of this…

so now some people gotta good idea to level a twink and enter those insta procs of SS and then chilling behind dd while healing them and just let it be as it goes
but then suddenly someone switch and healer is dead
AND THEN he is starting AFk in the middle of the arena cuz he dont give a f
that is how it goes like 50% of a games right now
should i get more raiting as a dd ? definitely more then +20 for 5-1 or +3 for 4-2

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