(Solved) I abandoned the Human heritage armor quest, and now can't find

The solution that worked for me is that I purchased the tabard, wore it, went to Valdrakken, and came back to stormwind, and the quest appeared and the NPC Angent Render also appeared near the Stormwind embassy. TY all for help.

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You pick it up where you originally got it.

It was a pop-up quest.

You are not posting on the character that got the quest, so we can’t track where you are in the chain.

Here is the whole guide. https://www.wowhead.com/guide/transmogrification/human-heritage-armor starting with https://www.wowhead.com/quest=72644/an-urgent-matter

Had you started it at all? If not, you should be able to connect with Matthias Shaw behind the keep, outdoors at approximately the same level as the throne room on a wooden catwalk.

This is my character. I know this guide, I have been there, it’s not there. The NPC is not in stormwind at all.

Do you still have “Urgent Stormwind Summons” in your bags or bank?

Also, can you log in now? My Human still has the quest. I don’t know if it’s shareable,but Wowhead says it is. If I can share it, problem solved.

I don’t have the item, but now I am online.

For those curious, quest sharing didn’t help, but I appreciate the effort!

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For the sake of anyone searching in the same situation, the quest my Human had

I could not Share. The Share button was there, but got “not eligible for that quest”, so a Ticket is the only thing I can think of. :frowning:

I’ll post this here too in case you didn’t look at the CS post you made.

What about the lions pride inn or morgan’s vigil in burning stepps? Raven hill or Moonbrook? Northshire?

How far EXACTLY where you along the questline?

I just finished it on a level 52, that hit 54 doing this quest. Took me 35 minutes or so and was really easy.

Also I think you can still turn on low level quests.

Edit: I looked at your wowhead profile and it says you haven’t done the first quest.

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I saw and I replied that it’s a pop-up quest, it’s not a pick up quest.

I will need reputation for that.

Yes, because I already said I abandoned it.

Turning on low-level quests is something you can tick on your UI.

Above the mini-map there’s a strip with the name of the zone. On the left of that is a Tracking icon. Click that and tick Trivial Quests.

It’s a good thing to do, even if it doesn’t help in this case.

It’s always on in my case. But even so, slash target macro cannot find the NPC. It’s so weird, like if the NPC disappeared. Could be a bug maybe? The wowhead quest says he is in the Lions Pride Inn basement, and he is not there either.

I doubt that it’s a bug. They do sometimes make NPCs visible only to those on a specific quest.

I did think of Item Restore to try to get your letter back, but the item was White, and Restore doesn’t deal with White items AFAIK.

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It might be one of those you have to leave the city then come back for it to appear.

I did it before, didn’t help.

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