SOM Transfers - UPDATE

We have a saying: “Once does not count, twice is a bad habit”


Let me oooooouuuut blizzaaarrrrdddddd

So if I understood correctly they will implement a way to bypass any realm lock then?

The blue post says all wrath realms are allowed as destination…so if you plan to start on one of the wrath realms which are currently locked for new players just create a character on a som realm now and transfer it to the locked server then?

gg blizz :smiley:

Doubtful. If you currently have a level 80 for example on a locked realm, you will likely be able to transfer another character there from SoM. This would have zero impact on realm queues as if the characters are on the same account you are not adding additional players to the queue, rather allowing current players to move their other characters from realms they do not intend to play for varies reasons (friends/guild etc on locked realm). For example, I play Firemaw a lot now, so moving a character from SoM there would have absolutely zero impact. It would not add any additional players because I am already maining there.

This type of feature should also arrive before paid transfers. If you’re level 80 on any realm you should be able to move same faction characters from other realms there even if it’s locked. This would keep the realm locked for new players and bots but allow actual active players to bring additional characters there.

All OPEN realms, of course.
The fresh realms are not available as target realms, too.

But the blue post is vague enough to leave some interpretation.

But since the fresh realms won´t be available, the locked realms probably won´t be available too.

Intersting will be if the realms without PCT will be available or not…


It’s UP:


Season of Mastery players can now transfer their characters for free to a Classic Era realm or to a Wrath Classic realm of the same ruleset (Normal or PvP). Please be advised that this transfer is one way only and final. Your decision cannot be changed or reversed.



And now even also on the EU realm:




Waited so long!

Does not work for me, anyone els?

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doesnt work at all


Does not work for me either, not showing my Wrath options.

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posts also been deleted

:frowning: can they not apply it directly to all… just checked it an yeah does not work in eu…

Probably has something to do with the login issues.

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Come on blizzard, i want to transfer too.
I waited today all day staring at my screen to see the update about transfering.

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please blizzard

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This better be a joke …

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Keep in mind that the US maintenance was already. The EU wasn´t.
I guess they will do the connections this night. :slight_smile:

But Aggrends post sounds promising - it seems that my little spy dwarf can go home, to Celebras! :heart_eyes:

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Thats true, it would actually make very good sense.

blizzard better make something up if we cant xfer those som toons at all

So… Now we wait? Right? I mean, we expect it to open tonight, right?