SOM Transfers - UPDATE

I did put a thread in Customer Support about this but so far it’s been unanswered.

I think there is an actual reason you cannot transfer to Thekal or Jin’do, they are “Fresh” realms and Blizzard said you couldn’t transfer to them in the first 90 days. Although you can transfer to Giantstalker, the PvE “fresh” realm for some reason.


I think they don’t want to destroy a balanced PVP server of Thekal-which has only 5k players and can get destroyed easily by mass migration, which is a PVP paradise.I also don’t understand why Blizzard doesn’t encourage 50-50 servers with some ingame mechanics, maybe on some servers. %95+ one side PVP servers effectively become PVE servers.

I don’t think a few hundred players will destroy thekal.

Why no SOM transfer to pyrewood village when you can transfer to firemaw and gehennas which are even more crowded servers? What exactly happens if i move my single SOM char to where my others are on pyrewood? How will it crowd the server further? I can just create another character.

It´s like this company is trying it´s best to prevent people from having fun. Snap out of your wokehole and serve your costumers.


How can it destroy thekal if i am already playing there and have a character. I cant play as 2 chars at the same time anyways so i see no point of not letting me transfer to the server where i can freely create new characters but can not transfer simple 60lvl char which has less value than fresh DK with first zone complete.


You can, just not from a PvP realm. How do I know? I just tried it from an SoM PvE realm. If you read the actual post it says “within a ruleset”.

Since you can’t even be bothered to look I’ll link it for you.

i can move to hydraxian overlods and giantstalker so scram off. last time i was also able to move from firemaw to pyrewood even though it said same ruleset. I am also able to move to Classic era server pve ruleset servers. This is why i am writing since it doestn make sense. How about you shut it yourself.

You’re so funny, oh wait. no you aren’t. Blizzard won’t let you move on purpose. It’s what they decided to do, if you don’t like it open a ticket and complain.

Before was then, and now is now.

you can transfer to firemaw and gehennas which are even more crowded servers?

This has to be a oversight. And I called it. They stright up went out for the weekend leaving us guessing. The fact that they did not spare 5 mins to say anything. Was this intended? If so why did they lie? If not then why not say so? All this SoM stuff and the locked servers on wotlk classic and no ETA for anything let alone any info is just wild to me. Customers service it a thing of the past and all we can do it wait for Microsoft to take over and hope for the best.

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are you trolling or just plain dumb. If you have nothing to help people with just stay away.

But it’s not an oversight, it has been done on purpose. If it was an oversight then the post would say you can transfer anywhere.

If you have nothing to say then stop insulting people.

I insult you because you are just telling lies and accusing me of not bothered to read the rules which doesnt make sense since I am able to trasnfer from the SOM pvp server i am on now to a classic PVE server. Its like you just sit here all with nothing better to do but bother people. You on Ignore list from now on.

It did say that. “to any”. You people need to stop saying/lying about that. Gehennas is bigger then Golemagg. End of story.

Erhm… Anyone heard/knows when the transfer Windows closes?

Not before they add Golemagg and Morgrain to the list.

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They havent announced a closure date.

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Looks like no-one is looking at or reading the posts on these forums at all. Not even as little as an acknowledgment.

Poor, considering we’re all paying for a service.

All I want is an acknowledgement and response regarding our queries about why there are severs missing from the transfer destination list, and if this was intentional or an oversight.

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You want someone to look at it then make a suggestion ingame.

Personally I think it’s deliberate that these realms are not included.

Maybe (it’s deliberate), but what are you basing that on?

Furthermore, why would they offer free transfers to the most overpopulated locked servers, but not other less populated servers? It doesn’t make sense to me.

If that’s the case and the list is intentional and final - fine. I’ll accept it and move on.

However all we’ve had is complete silence for four days.

I’m basing it on the fact that they didn’t unlock the realms when people demanded they be opened after the consolidation. This is my opinion with nothing backed up by official facts, except they haven’t said anything about opening them.

Most people who want them opened don’t see the actual figures that Blizzard do, they just see an inaccurate website listing incorrect figures.