Some guidance plz

Hello fellow dks. I need some help gear talents and stats for pvp. I play main unholy btw but any help for other 2 specs are welcome. For example what stat after versa should I aim for , is 4set worth, what gems and stats. Are my talents the right ones ? . Also I like frost but seems weak for some reason. Should I play blood in arenas with an optimal comps. It seems blood has a good utility that helps dps deal more dmg. Thanks .

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For unholy:vers>mastery>haste or mastery>vers>haste not big difference.
Frost all around but i will say mastery>crit>haste(you will have plenty of haste with 2charges of ERW)
For blood:versatility>secondary whatever.
Thats my opinion.

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Don’t play Blood in arena, that’s one shameful thing to do.

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