Some kind of weird party


Hello there,
I just met an interesting group of players and my question is, what the heeell =)

There were like 6 druids in travel form. 5 had follow to the one and they were farming professions, but it was pretty weird. Everyone clicked on the plant or mining ore in the same time, like they were robots.

Is this some type of script? I dont really believe that 5 people sit at their computer and click on mining in the same time…:grinning:

Got screenshots ;D but cant post them here (forbidden). The leader of the druids was

Is it allowed?

10:45 server time probably

Best regards,

(Saneko) #2

Please remove the name as you may not name and shame players on the forums.

What you witnessed was probably “multiboxing” which is allowed as long as it’s not automated botting.


Hey Tepero,

It sounds like the player was Multiboxing, basically playing several accounts at the same time. This is indeed allowed (more info here). If you think it was a bit odd though, and suspect them from doing something else, you are always free to report them through the in-game reporting options so it can be looked into.

Have a few seconds to spare? Let me know how I’m doing!


Multiboxing probably


Human centipede.

Multiboxing ofc.