Some transmog no longer available...WHY!?

I have spoken about this before and will again, but this time I am going to keep it simple. Especially for those of you who will hate this idea simply because you are greedy and wish others to not have the same items or MOGS.

I say greedy because simply put the argument that some MOGS are no longer available being good like e.g. The Mage Tower not having us able to earn the unique Legion skins is total rubbish, just because you haters of this idea are complaining that you worked so hard to get it…FINE…I want nothing free, I will work hard for it also…Oh snap…sorry, can’t because guess what ACCESS and ability to grind for any of those MOGS are gone…NICE one…

I mean I get that players want to be rewarded for a thing when the content is relevant, sure but at least why not give some variants of those skins still for others who missed it!? Why not give people who got those MOGS, achievements and titles we wont get, I can live with that.

Another things that has really been going up my @ss in jerks is that Looking For Raid has sometimes nicer MOGS than Normal, HC, Mythic versions but now that e.g. there is no more LFR in Legion I can’t complete a set I was after…ITS F$%KING RNG??? Its not my damn fault I wasn’t lucky enough to complete the set or didn’t have the hours to grind day in and out. So give me another way to obtain the damn gear, create a currency, something that you can farm for, but this that content is now gone and locked for players who were simply too late or just unlucky is TOTAL BULLSH%T

I see no reason why we can’t expect fair treatment and have access to all this games content, we pay for it also! (AT LEAST THE DAMN MOGS)

Almost every online game has rewards that are only obtainable once, and I think many times they are desireable just because you can’t get them. I got several mage tower tints in Legion, but I rarely even use them. I used to be sad about not having the druid challenge set from Mop, but I just accepted that I don’t have it and move on.
And you can still do LFR in legion… Just talk to the npc to queue it, don’t understand this anger tbh

Look, there are much worse things in life or important things in life than some stupid MOG set and yes we can simply and in this case have to simply accept and move on. Now I am saying why do I have to, its a game, it doesn’t have to be set in stone.

FACT is, there is content which now is taken out for really no good reason and can simply be put in with new systems like a currency based one. e.g. currency obtained for doing LFR or LFG for each boss killed that you can spend in any other raid to buy those LFR items that you never got and now cant.

I am sure there can be many more systems and whats more, don’t give them for free, people need to earn them, but now we simply can’t because they don’t exist.

Why must WOW or MMOS be a race to get to the finish line, what of people who want to take it easy and play through all the content and experience it all? Why not create solo mode for any raid that also gives currency to by MOG variants or even mounts if possible?

My whole argument is simply, to not take out content because you weren’t either there in time, didn’t play, didn’t have the time or real life responsibilities made that you couldn’t. Provide at least a means to get most of those things via other means to people who are not able to be there or even that lucky when it comes to RNG.

Only now in Shadowlands are they introducing something like that that you can solo and you are less depended on RNG. Doesn’t change that content that was is still out of reach to players willing to do the work to get them and now can’t. e.g. like many of my MOG sets that are not complete because I wasn’t lucky enough to get the drop thanks to RNG.

There imo is enough times that things are time gated like the recent wow 15th anniversary. Why must other basic things like LFR from previous content or recipes or the mage tower mogs be locked away also…simply not fair and while life itself may not be fair, thanks to developers and games we can have more fair chance for all players.

Then dont care about it, some players have earned some things thats gonna be unobtainable and it should stay that way.

I want alot of vanilla items aswell, that i cant have ever. Just get over it get something unique now, and then in some years you will have something others dont, you cant have everything in the world, and also in world of warcraft.

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Predictable response from someone who again can’t see further than the bigger picture and that the world doesn’t revolve around them. While you think probably that is rich coming from me who “wants” things as you say.

I don’t want jack Sh|t, I want the opportunity to go earn it, just like you or the next person did. Whats more those things you also don’t have access to you would be able to get access to. IF you willing to do the work. You clearly are not making any point apart from saying its better that way without even really being able to prove why it is.

The way it is now literally deprives people of content they actually bought, some bought cheaper, some bought at current and never got to experience because of many factors. My idea levels the playing field only in the means to get items, not for free…but through effort as it should be.

Why is that so wrong? Don’t tell me BECAUSE, thats the only reason any of you have given. I would like an answer that actually makes sense and has some logical idea or reason behind it.

I dont think players should be able to get lets see the legion artifact skin, because they came in BFA, or they were too lazy to do it.

There will be nothing to earn then, if we all can just get the same items. All of those who got scarab lord, or challenge mode or w/e thats removed today. Their items wont be unique, and then whats the point to even play the game if its worth nothing because we all can get it, if we just “work for it”

Its like i just went to buy the Cata elite pvp set, because i have reached 2.2 rating, but i didnt even play back then.

There is so many things i want too thats removed, and i shouldnt be able to get them. You need to earn those when the season is out, or expansion else its too bad, dont things away from those have worked for it at the time. Its a no no.

I take your point and I still would like a compromise. There are things that sure you should not be able to just get, as you said. But what of things like I mentioned, RNG based that was purely luck that I couldnt complete a set now I am forever stuck with 7/10 items ?

Those kind of things should not be locked out. The mage tower, I still feel you can easily scale that to achieve it also and even if they did scale it so people can keep trying it. Award only 1 or 2 skins not all which you could have gotten when the content was relevant.

At least that way those who did do it at the time it was relevant wont feel deprived as they still got their unique items. This is an idea of how Blizzard could go about it, there are many ways to make it work.

But simply put there are many items that should be available to the players through other means, especially like sets that simply werent complete thanks to some RNG luck.

BY NO MEANS does all the content need to be made available, but the way it is, even some of the most simple things are kept from players.

As far as rated PvP goes, that also makes sense that you can’t get it, but you could argue that could get a currency to buy that stuff still if you earn the same currency in current Rated PVP, least that way you didnt buy it with gold but actually PVPed to get it.

As I said there are ways to circumvent and still preserve the integrity and purpose of the PVP and so with other things in the game also.

Yes its effort but for those who are new people and returning people or those who would have liked to but never got chance thanks to life responsibilities…shouldnt need to be deprived of all these things imo…

Seems like you didn’t even read that you CAN QUEUE for LFR even in BFA. Just need to talk to a Npc. Not a single LFR set is unobtainable.
And the reason why mage tower for example is not coming back is because it was built around legion class balance and spells, some aren’t even in the game anymore. The “prestige” of unobtainable items become less when unobtainable items return. For example in Overwatch there was the Oni Genji skin that was only obtainable through playing HotS, then they added it in normal loot boxes and after that I barely saw the skin anymore. Because they realeased other skins that looked cool aswell, and the Oni skin was no longer rare.

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