Someone PLEASE explain me this Outlaw Rogue PvP nerfs...please

I see that’s interesting I was afraid cc nerfs would make PvP a M+ fiesta even at the highest levels, it’s cool it’s not
I understand the frustration felt when being targeted by this though, especially when CDR enters the equation as a new parameter.

CC is still very much reliable in the game. Depending on how you use it, can be absolutely horrendous to go against some specs.

The reason people don’t complain that much about Rogues in general, is because Rogues don’t exist on low rating. The ones who do are very few and don’t understand how to win.

It’s literally a class where you can win the game by yourself, with the only requirement usually being your teammate(s) not being bad and dishing out some damage.

It goes further when your CC is so annoying that people on lower rating do a bad trinket, and get instantly punished for it. You don’t need 100k dps as Outlaw. You need diminishing return addons (SArena / Gladius) and eyes on your head. You’re not a Warrior, or Windwalker, or DH. It’s a different win condition.

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hate cloakbubble not having any counter play besides tartraproot

DH detected - opinion rejected.


Not so much. It was in SL when you played Haste.

Not sure if I’m right - probably someone will correct me. You can either play Crit build which is a bit harder and then your cleave is better and you have better burst windows (Whaazz and Trill plays like this) or you can play Mastery oriented build like last season based more on Main Gauche (like Niksi, Kalvish) with Killing Spree. Mastery is probably easier for these “1400 potatoes” as there is less things to mess up.

Thanks I’ll try the mastery potato build :potato::potato:

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At least you stay true to your name, the first 3 letters that is.

I was watching some high cr feral 2s yesterday, caught 2 games vs outlaw. 80k dps over a long period of time. You might wanna go ask these rogues for some advice.

The vod is

Games are at 59min and 1h30

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Tril was doing 90-100k as outlaw on awc ,which is insane ,if targets are close to each other dmg is very high,another problem is perma cc and last problem is their tankiness.
Yes,outlaw definetly needed nerfs.
Its anyway gna be annyoing to play vs even with nerfs.


Thank you!

80k dps against a fw. Not sure anyone disputes their cleave potential.

this class is a complete tank compared how squischy sin and sub rogue is

Outlaw looks so broken, that playing against a sin or Sub feels balanced/ undertuned lmao

i getting rnd 190-200k between the eyes crit

the problem is, perma cc + high dmg = really high momentum/tempo in a good player hands it feels like this class can controll the whole game alone for some seconds

playing against arcane mage outlaw is my most unfun experience so far

in 3s against some meeles really good if the enemy team isnt a toxicweaver

yeah but in 2s cleave against a fw is kinda troll, it feels like fw dont care about cleaves :joy: dmg in kidney from a outlaw is still insane tho : o

Haste back then was for energy with the class reworks and different talents it’s not needed anymore as most rogue specs have so many talents to make it better.

Also rogue/ww/feral all have their globals set to 1 second and it’s not effected by haste like other classes.

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I know it’s the worst stat for Outlaw at the moment and yeah they get a lot of passive haste as you can get all Haste granting options at the same time now but I didn’t know the second part. Thanks for claryfing.

Here you can find Kalvish’s discord to ask for build or anything.

This is actually interesting as Outlaw according to data is third spec with the biggest corelation between output and gains behind Affli and Elemental. I’m not saying you’re wrong but damage output is definetely more key on Outlaw than it seems. According to stats it’s on the other side of the spectrum from Sub.

It is but this expansion you don’t die because your healer was in a very long CC chain but because of a micro CC that stopped a healing cast or in an Interrupt duration. Landing kicks on CD seems to be more important than ever. I actually started using Arena123 for kicks this expansion.


In case this the data I mentioned:,and%20more%20melee%20with%20lower

outlaw needs nerfs its a controll class it did too much dmg

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Yea, but it’s also has capabilities be a monstrous brawler like arms, which is actually broken. In my world, it’s X or Y, not both.

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the current outlaw reminds me of shadowlands feral lol, a pure brawler with high momentum

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ye we should balance based on the players not the awc ones

But does that mean buffing outlaw I don’t know

And which player should they balance around? The ones at 1400? 1600? 1800? 2000? 2200? What statistics are they going to follow to make sure they dont make another DH or outlaw?

They balance based on potential (or should) atleast in my opinion.

yes buff mage survivalbility, give them another 10 blinks because they are unable to survive more than 30 seconds facing warriors on 1500

meanwhile warriors on any rating above 2k can never reach a mage, it’s like a complete meme once the mage found his mobility and cc keybinds

so yeah no, it’s not about awc players, it’s about how ur supposed to play the class, most things are fairly basic yet people continue to fail them

do you need to be an awc champion to use ur port as a warlock when ur healer gets in CC? no, but tell that to the ones on 1500 who dont have a keybind for it, use their wall dark pact first 10 seconds of the game then die to melees

do you need to be an awc champion to just track stun DR and kidney a healer as an outlaw rogue? no u dont

if the game was balanced around beginners and low ratings it would be a complete mess, with things like warriors receiving 50 nerfs in a row because they hard smash everything on low rating for example

disc priest would be nerfed 10 times in a row because its utterly broken on low rating where games dont last longer than 30 seconds in shuffle and like 1 minute in other brackets and u can pretend to be a big strong mommy and press PS for the people who wont press their own def cds

Yep, we should, because it’s not an e-sport-level gamemode, balance, nor clout anyway. There will always be a meta, and the best of the best will always play a meta. To them, it doesn’t matter, they will play what’s “broken” and find “broken stuff” in either scenario.