Someone PLEASE explain me this Outlaw Rogue PvP nerfs...please


  • Outlaw
    • Float Like a Butterfly (talent) effectiveness is now reduced by 50% in PvP combat.
    • Precision Shot (talent) damage reduction is now 3% (was 5%) in PvP combat.
    • Take Your Cut (PvP talent) haste granted reduced to 10% (was 15%) and duration reduced to 10 seconds (was 12 seconds).

I will try my best to remain calm…but im not right now.
The damage of Outlaw in PvP is already absolute hot garbage OUTSIDE of the burst window, which requires the use of all cooldowns imaginable of the class.

Im going to take a wild guess as to why this is happening, please prove me wrong:

“This is happening because of the top 0.00001% of pvp players in arena”

Is it true?
So the claims i see online about Blizzard changing the entire game just to accommodate the top 0.1% of arena players and esport is true?
And to think it was an overreaction…is clearly not



So outlaw should be overperforming due to worse players?
Should we balance based on the worse players?

The damage overall of the “Outlaw” spec is bad in PvP…im talking bad BAD.
The only possible explanation i can come up for this nerfs is that some “superhero prodigy kid, son of superman and wonderwoman” is wreacking havoc somehow with “teamplay” and skill…and just because of this one kid millions of players need to eat this nerfs.

Thats the only explanation in my mind right now…

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Have you been looking at high rated outlaw players and how high dmg they deal? While being both tanky and the amount of CC they have?

Its like the feral players who demand insane buffs because they cannot use the specs potential.

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How can i see the damage of this prodigy players? Son of a Spartan and Lilith themselves?
I understand Outlaw has good burst on Shadow Dance > Between the Eyes spam.
Or vanish > between the eye spam

And then, because of “cooldown reduction” mechanics they can do it again

But that is very specifically only good in arena.
The normal damage of an Outlaw Rogue is bad, to my understanding…


It is not, no. Plus, if you play half correclty, you have cooldowns all the time with current Outlaw.

That is a you issue if you really think so. Also, Outlaw has a lot of tools beyond raw damage. It is close to immortal, has more CC than anything else in the game, and is one of the most mobile specs. Obviously it doesn’t deal DH levels of damage but that’s a good thing.

Maybe your understanding is the issue.


So according to you, Outlaw has good consistent damage outside of burst window
I would like to see proof of this.
Because all im seeing on my screen is “wet noodle” damage numbers.

I understand Outlaw CAN be good in the arena environment of "Burst > stall > Burst > stall > Burst > Stall

But i would like to know if is true Outlaw has damage outside of damage burst window.


Let me know if you need any further assistance.

is this a troll post? rogues are broken together with dh. Fried spec for sure.

I cant stand any more rogues or dh’s atm. this change is well deserved. your class still broken but atleast its going the right way.

Your not even 1000 rating on your rogue :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Do u even know wat u are talking about? Do u even know how strong outlaw is right now? like wth.

you have 6 games in shuffle and 1 win with 96 rating… i understand your frustration :rofl:

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Any stream of Outlaw gaming beyond 1800 rating.

Also, what Veetea linked.


Don’t know how good outlaw dmg is outside burst if you cannot cleave…
Regardless, I wish they reworked rogue to not be relying on cooldown reduction and rng.
It never feels good if you get bad rng and lose cause of it…

Im surprised outlaw hasn’t been nerfed sooner, but its sad to see its tankiness flavour of rogue getting slapped and finally being nerfed. Though to be honest, most of the nerf is just aimed as classes like monk and dh unironically, since most melee can consistently CC through evasion and feint isnt even used much if at all? since cheat death iirc is the current flavour of month of the two.

Balancing the game on casuals would be devastating for this game

Can’t possibly be worse than now?!:joy:

True but rogue as a brawler needs to have weaknesses. At which point it either becomes a fury warrior or a ww :smile:

I love the several implications with your post, you’re right. We couldn’t have anybody else immortal like a WW :dracthyr_blob_dance_animated:

Maybe not haha

Outlaw is a high APM class, meaning the regular potatoes on 1400 can’t play it properly.

Outlaw doesn’t win by raw damage. Outlaw wins by not allowing anybody to play the game. It’s about understanding your win condition.

And these nerfs don’t really target the damage of outlaw anything. Float like a butterfly is a talent that makes the spec immortal. Based on uptime Outlaw can have Evasion more often than a DH can have Blur, which is a complete meme considering it’s a 2 minute base cooldown. The spec is immortal and cannot die unless the player, or his healer, or both are bad, or if the game goes very very long and dampening is too much.

The Take your Cut talent is nerfed because of Outlaw’s synergy with caster classes - Warlocks, Mages, Balance druids etc. Giving your teammate a mini Power Infusion is broken.

The game is balanced around the potential of a class. Just because you are unable to play the class well doesn’t mean others can’t.

What the top players are doing is simply playing with team synergy, something most casual players don’t have. But being able to play your own class semi-decently is something most people do have.

You want an easy answer to your question? Try killing an Outlaw rogue that knows what he is doing - you can’t. Try playing the game as a healer or anything against an Outlaw rogue that knows what he is doing - you can’t.

Sap > Kidney > Gouge >
Kidney > Gouge > Blind
Shadowstep > Kick
Kidney > Gouge > Disarm

So fun, especially for healers, being out of the game for over 15 seconds

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Are cc chains still that long since the cc overall nerfs?

The bare minimum you’re going to take if you’re a healer or a bursting DPS is gouge + kidney = 9 seconds lost of playtime

Now let’s add a full fear or cyclone on top of that, or just a blind = you’re out of the game for 15 seconds

not even mentioning DR fears, cyclones, roots, etc which the Outlaw’s teammate can press.

Facing a decent to good Outlaw rogue is one of the most unfun things in the entire game, as any class.

It just takes some basic CC strategies and you can nearly guarantee win games.

Let’s say a Windwalker enemy is bursting. Gouge, Kidney his Serenity. He will trinket. Blind him, vanish and sap him. Damage is gone.

And the guy trinketed. In 20 seconds, you Kidney him with Smoke bomb. Guy dies 100-0.

These kinds of things are highly abusive with little counterplay.