Something needs to be done about russian premades

Waited 15 minutes in a BG queue to join a Russian premade where we all got spawn camped. I’m only in a group with one person yet we face a complete faceroll premade. Wasted all that time. :confused:

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Wrong place to post this topic. Russians aren’t the only ones to do this as the Germans and French are just as well known for their GY-camping premades.

Woops yeah, was supposed to be posted in Battlegrounds. (Fixed)

Do u have any proofs that it was russian premade? Maybe it was ukrainian, belarussian, kazakh, tajikistan premade?

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Same nation in my eyes.

So Americans, Brits, Australians, South Africans are all one nation because we all speak English as a first language?

What exactly do you want to know? Names?

It was a Russian premade, the names are a dead giveaway. I’m tired of coming across a well made Russian premade that end up spawn camping the team at the GY. Premades should only be vs premades.

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