Sometimes bugs can be good features! (A happy accident)

Heyho forum people today! I just had an interesting bug, that could actually be a nice feature for transmogrifying your Character in WoW.

At first, let me explain how this happened. I was using the Dungeon browser to play a heroic random SL dungeon. I had my Retribution (DD) gear equipped but was listed as Tank. The dungeon browser send me in as a tank in the group. When I loaded in, the dungeon automatically changed my specc to Protection as Paladin. My gear is via the set manager linked to the subclasses.

The result: My 2-hand weapon was not unloaded from the character model while I was running around with my 1-hand sword and shield as Tank in the dungeon.

A picture of how it looked you can see here:

Since we got with a recent update the option to transmog shoulder armor individually… Imagine if we could also transmog weapons additionally or instead of capes on our characters.

Would add some more customization options to the game :wink:

Your thoughts?

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Thanks for posting the direct link. Sometimes the trust levels are kinda weird.

That explains why I got 2 weapons on my back instead of one when changing from another spec to arms.
I had a twin weapon on my back even though I had clearly only one 2 handed mace equiped on my BE Warrior.
That weapon stayed there even though I changed spec again.

You are right.


That bug has been there since legion, my favorite is as pally to have a 2hander & a shield on your back, looks badass

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Yo a back weapon transmog slot would be sick.
Or hip weapons for 2hs

Also remove weapon mog restrictions let us have fun dammit!

It is very fun and silly.

Had something like this happen at the start of 9.1 when choosing whether I go ahead with my monk or continue with my DH.

Monk suffered a strange bug where he was using two of the Fu’zan artifact staff, which glitched again at some point and gave him two staves on the back and one stave on the shoulder.

Sadly couldn’t screenie it as rigorous mogging soon got rid of it :frowning:

You can transmog ur 1h weapon into 2h artifact weapons since a year as pal. Just save gearsets to speccs go as ret to transmog change specc and in the last second click apply transmog tada enjoy ashbringer as prot and holy

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