Soul's fan fiction Horde part 3

Chapter 14. Illuminations

Nefyra woke slowly, her eyes becoming accustomed to the darkness. Raising herself to one knee she grunted a sudden pain shot up her left leg. “Broken…” she whispered, slowly shifting weight to her right. As her eyes grew more accustomed she could just make out a table with what seemed to be a person sitting on a chair. Straining she sat down looking around her.

“You are awake” said a muffled voice. “Good. She will be here soon. You are in pain I see. Allow me.” The shrouded figure left her chair and came closer into view It’s features still obscured by a black hood it kneeled and took hold of Nyferas’ leg. “This will likely cause discomfort” as she opened a vial of green liquid. Removing an armor plate from the left leg the figure poured some of the liquid into her palm and rubbed it between both hands. Then rubbed both hands on Nyfera’s leg.

Sharp pain shot through the leg as Nyfera gritted her teeth. “It will soon be over” said the figure as the pain vanished and strength returned to her leg. Reattaching the armour plate the figure stood over her. “Better now?” it asked.
“Yes… thank you…” said Nyfera. She looked around. “Where am I? How did I get here… All I remember is falling…” The figure helped her to her feet and returned to her table. “Please. Sit” it said and a chair was slightly illuminated in the gloom. “All shall soon be revealed.” Nyfera slowly made her way to the chair and sat down, still looking around her.

The figure crossed it’s legs and put it’s hands across the knees. “I see you wish some answers now.” it softly said. “Umm… Yes…” whispered Nyfera. “I should return soon or I may be missed” The figure laughed softly through it’s hood.
“Oh do not worry about that. Time does not enter these halls. The moment you entered here you were removed from time itself. What will seem to be a year here will be a second back in Azeroth”

“I see… I think…” said Nyfera, still trying to see more of the room. “why is this room so dark and quiet? I see no light apart from this small glare and I hear nothing except the echo of voices as we talk.”.

“We are in the Hall of Judgement” said the figure. “You have been given a great opportunity to save Azeroth. Did you not wish for it?”

“I wanted to save the Horde. I was told that Souldefiler may be the key.”

The figure started. “We do not mention Her name in this place. We simply refer to her as Mistress. You would do well to remember that. And never utter that name in her presence. Your first and only warning.”

“I understand. What happens now?” asked Nyfera. “You are to be judged. If you are deemed worthy you will enter the ranks of the Devoted. We are her eyes and ears, her arms and legs. Nothing more. Nothing less.”

“Does she have… Weapons? If you know wh” Cutting her off the figure raised it’s hand “Believe me. She is more than capable of wielding a weapon. She has many.”

Crushed for a second Nyfera looked at the floor. The figure chuckled “That was not a question or a test.”

“I am glad” said Nyfera. Suddenly a boom rang through the Hall. The figure looked up and rose from her chair. “It is time. She will address you now” The figure then knelt facing an unknown direction. Nyfera looked around and thought it wise to do the same.

Suddenly a small light appeared in a far corner and another figure came into the room. Nyfera suddenly felt very cold, but not with fear or anticipation. This was a cold that radiated from the figure coming towards them. Straining her eyes it could not be seen, but the heavy tread of it’s footsteps became louder. Finally they stopped.

“Champion D’eea. Rise. Has our guest recovered?” said the figure still obscured in the dark.

“Yes my Mistress. She regained her strength” replied D’eea. “we await your pleasure.” Suddenly the Hall exploded in light and illuminated the room Nyfera looked up and for the first time saw Souldefiler. She bowed her head and muttered under her breath “So it is true.”

“Yes it is true. I live.” said Souldefiler, startling Nyfera. “When you are in my service, I can hear your very thoughts, no matter how hard you try to conceal them. You wish to join my Devoted?” she asked. Nyfera swallowed. “Yes S… Mistress. I do. I will swear loyalty to you if you would do me the honour of returning from your exile and save The Horde.”

Coming up behind Souldefiler another two shrouded figures came to her side. One knelt. One remained standing. Souldefiler came behind Nyfera and D’eea. “Rise” she said. Both rose and faced the two new figures. “This will be your first test Nyfera” she said. “Take this blade and prepare.” She handed Nyfera one of her Slayers. A cold icy wind emanated from the blade as the chill burned Nyferas hand.

The figures removed their hoods. Nyfera gasped as the figures revealed themselves to be Thrall and Vol’Jin. “One made the Horde weak. One of them almost destroyed it. Which one would you destroy to save your Horde?” Looking to each of them in turn, their impassive faces making no sign she looked at the Slayer in her hand. She found she could strike neither down. “They both failed the Horde.” she said

The two figures covered their faces again and left the Hall. Souldefiler laughed softly. “Well done. Indeed they both did. Both were weak, and both nearly destroyed the Horde. Thrall was weak in appointing Hellscream, and he almost destroyed it, as did Vol’jin when he chose Windrunner. Now. Come with me.” Nyfera followed Souldefiler, and D’eea followed behind.

They entered a chamber filled with acrid fumes coming from the floor. A shrieking wind howled, Nyfera held her hands to her ears. Raising her hand the wind ceased. Souldefiler then turned to Nyfera. “This is the chamber of rebirth, where you will be reborn. Are you prepared?”

Nyfera looked around. Thoughts came rushing into her head. Reborn? What would that mean. Reborn into undeath? This was not what she had bargained for. Suddenly Souldefiler’s voice came into her head. “There is no escape for you. You came here to save your Horde. If we are to save your Horde, you must become Devoted. There is no other way. All of the other Devoted made this choice.”
Nyfera looked at her hands and removed her armour. Standing in her underclothes she turned to face her new Mistress.

“I serve my Mistress until the end of time.” she said, kneeling at Souldefiler’s feet. “Indeed you will” replied Souldefiler, and with sweep drew her Slayers and took the life of Nyfera. Her body crumpled to the floor. Souldefiler then sheathed her swords and knelt down and held the body. Letting go of it as if satisfied she turned to D’eea. “Prepare her for her new charge”

D’eea bowed and took her vial again, only this time pouring it down Nyfera’s lifeless throat. “With the essence of the Death Lord, no mere undead shall thy be. With the grace of the Death Lord, so shall thy be immortal. With the power of the Death lord. so shall thy be Devoted.” chanted D’eea. Souldefiler then took her Slayers, and holding the blades above her head, raised the body of Nyfera.
With a roar of pain Nyfera rose and fell to the floor on all fours. Gathering it’s strength in it’s now undead limbs it fell to one knee. “Mistress. I remain Devoted to thee.” Souldefiler smiled. “Then you are ready for your final test.”
She turned and left the chamber, as Nyfera and D’eea followed.

They Followed souldefiler down a long winding stair case. The air grew progressively colder until they reached the bottom. An icy door lay before them. Souldefiler opened it and walked through. The two Devoted followed and D’eea stood by her Mistress as Nyfera looked around. All around the chamber hanging from chains encased in ice were scores of prisoners. Some old. Some young. Some soon to feel the grip of old age, others ripe from the bosom of their mother.

“Who are they?” asked Nyfera. Souldefiler turned. “They are your final test. To show Devotion, is to obey my every command. Now matter how galling it may have been in your former life. Would you take a life to save a life? Or would you take a life if you knew it would serve my purpose?”
Nyfera walked to each one, peering through the ice. “This one is but a child” she said. “what guilt did it have to end here?”

“The guilt of life” said Souldefiler. “The souls you see here encased in ice are all fragments of your past. Look closer as I melt their prisons” The ice began to thaw and Nefyra scanned each one as their faces became clear. She saw her parents, long dead. her husband, slain in the battlefield of Alterac. And one she did not recognize, a baby not yet a year old. “Who is this?” she asked, turning to Souldefiler.

“That could have been your future.” she replied. “Now comes your test.”
D’eea came to Souldefiler’s side, both watching Nyfera. She paused, looking at her weapon. She then looked up again at the icy husk as it’s head slowly turned to her. It’s eyes opened, revealing only a blackness darker than the most rich of obsidium. Nyfera then took her weapon and struck the ice and it shattered into nothingness.The vision passed, leaving only a pair of chains dangling in the icy wall.

“An illusion!” she cried, sheathing her sword. “But I would have struck nonetheless” She turned to face Souldefiler who looked upon her with a smile. Nyfera knelt. “Indeed you would. Indeed you would have, my Devoted.”
She then walked past the still kneeling Nyfera, with D’eea and closed the door, locking her in. Then a frigid wind encased her in ice.

Chapter 15. Deceptions.

Souldefiler returned to her sanctum. Removing her upper most armour revealing a growing decay she turned her head to D’eea. “Your thoughts” Turning her eyes from the Death Knight D’eea answered. “She may prove strong. She may not. Does my Mistress require aid?” she asked.

“Yes I need to feed” replied Souldefiler. D’eea suddenly felt very afraid. “Mistress, I…” Her mistress laughed softly. “Oh not from you my D’eea. No. Not from you.” As she finished speaking a Devoted walked in carrying a platter with two vials. Taking them Souldefiler opened one and swallowed the contents. For a while she made no sign or sound. Then her eyes blazed with blue fire and she smiled.

“A young one. Delicious.” I will keep the other for later. Now. Nyfera.She will prove useful to me, one way or another." Donning her armour again as the decay faded she turned to D’eea. “Are you prepared for your mission?”
“Yes my Mistress. I leave for Desolace at once. I will join the Devoted and return with the Farstrider.”

“Good. Now… I will release Nyfera and return her to the ship, with orders of her own. Watch her D’eea, if she strays, remove her.” D’eea bowed. “As you wish.” and left the chamber.

In the icy chamber the frigid wind calmed and Nyfera could stand. Looking around all she was frozen walls and no sign of exit. “This is not what i had planned.”

“Is it not?” said a strange voice. “Strange that you would think so. She will destroy us all in the end” Nyfera looked around for the voice. “You seek for me, but not hard enough.” came the voice again. “Do not worry. her thoughts cannot reach you here, nor yours her.”

Nyfera still looked around. “At your feet” said the voice and she looked down. There, encased in the ice, was the broken bodies of countless victims. She knelt to the floor. “Who are you? Where… are you?” she asked. Deep in the ice a voice came. “We are all here, but none of us remain. You hear our trapped souls”
“How can I hear you?” she asked, running her hand on the ice. “Because you are dead. Undead granted, but still. Dead. You can no more leave this place than can we. She is your jailor, and your saviour.”

“But why can you not leave? I do not understand” said Nyfera now on her knees peering into the ice. “She wills it. Because she needs us. As we need her” said the voice, coming closer. A face of a young girl came into view. “She killed me, raised me, brought me here and imprisoned me here” said the soul of the young girl.
Nyfera kneeled on the ice. “And she has damned me as well then?” she said. “No. You inhabit a husk. I do not. And you will be soon be free to leave. I cannot.” Nyfera grew angry “Enough with the riddles. Why are you here?”

“She uses us as a bridge to her past. She is not truly evil but she cannot be absolved of her sins either. They are to many to count, too many to forgive. But the more powerful she grows, so does her evil. Soon the blackness that inhabits her soul will consume her, and with it. all hope. For all. She is the Gateway, and the Door. It began when she fell to the Scourge, all the pride, all the hate, all the love she felt died that day.”

“Arthas saw it in her when he took her to Acherus and he bestowed upon her great power. But she outgrow his power, and in turn destroyed him. Then there was nothing left to keep her in check. Silently she grew ever more powerful, playing the servant to weaklings. When the time was ripe, she left them all. Then she found what she had always been looking for.”

“What was it?” asked Nyfera. “What did she find?”

“Purpose” replied the soul. “Now all will suffer for it, or serve her forever as Devoted. Such is their boon. And their curse.”

“Mine too” replied Nyfera as she ran her hands over the ice again. “How do I escape this prison. And can you escape?” she asked.

“Bide your time” replied the soul. “She will free you in time and release you upon the world. Her hold over you is not as strong as it is with the others. And of the others, even they falter. Then they are at their most dangerous, for after they are punished, their zeal returns a thousand fold. As for us, we cannot leave until the one who she truly fears, comes to deliver us. And he will deliver you, if you allow it.”

Behind Nyfera the ice began to splinter and crack. “She comes.” said the soul. “Forget not our words. You still have time. What you do with that time, remains for you to choose” The soul faded back into the dark ice and Nyfera heard no more.

The ice began to split further and Nyfera quickly spun around. The ice shattered and Souldefiler entered the room. Nyfera knelt. “Mistress.”

“Devoted, i have a task for you. You are to return to the ship and rejoin the others. They will know of your new devotion. Assist them in any task they perform. Once this business in Feralas is concluded, you are all to return to Orgrimmar and prepare for my coming. I promised you I would come and save The Horde. I will do so.”

Souldefiler then left the chamber followed by Nyfera. Before leaving the room she quickly glanced at the floor, and twisted her lip.

Chapter 16. For the Horde!

Nyfera prepared to return to the ship. Souldefiler handed her a small stone. “This is your gateway here. Use it to return and leave. Remember. I am always watching, and I see all. Now go.” Leaving the room Nyfera rolled the stone in her hand. Her hand felt a chill and a portal burst open. Walking into it she found herself back in the room with Puny and Twill, exactly as she had left them.
“You return” said Twill. “All is well?” Nyfera nodded. “Yes. it takes… time… to grow accustomed to being…” “Dead?” said Puny, laughing. “It takes time. Now. Did She give you orders?” Nyfera nodded. “Yes. We are to continue to Feralas and continue with our mission. When it is complete we are to return to Orgrimmar and await her arrival. She will save my… Our. Horde.”

“Anything else?” said Twill, seemingly unconcerned with any mention of Horde. “Yes. We are to dock at Desolace and take on a new passenger, it will be D’eea, she has her own mission.” Twill looked at Puny. “You better watch your neck” said Twill pointing at Puny’s collar. “Very funny.” growled Puny. Their discussion was interrupted by a knock at the door.

“Captain Nyfera!” came the voice of Brigan. We have new orders, please meet me in our cabin" Nyfera smiled at Puny. “I bet she does” said Twill to the door, “Just not the same as yours. You better go to allay suspicion” Nyfera nodded and left the chamber. Puny and Twill sat down in their chairs and relaxed. “Now there is nothing to do except await our guest” said Puny.

In his cabin Brigan kept re reading the new orders. Nyfera opened the door and saw his face. “What is it?” she asked, noting his concern. “New orders. We are to rendezvous with a Gragh who will be accompanying us to Feralas. I do not recall the name. It seems she is a hunter of some repute and an excellent marksman.” he handed the orders to Nyfera who studied them. “Any help would be appreciated” she said, handing it back to Brigan.

“That is not the root of my concern. This mission was supposed to be a secret. Now we learn that our captain was compromised, and we are to stop in Desolace and attract yet more attention. Not a very secretive mission.” Nyfera sat down “Perhaps not. But if we can accomplish the mission then we can return home.” Brigan turned his head to her. “Are you alright? You were gone a long time”
“Yes I am fine. I smoothed things over with the paladin and the ranger. I hope” she smiled. Brigan returned her smile. “I apologize for my behavior. I forget I can be over prideful and forget my manners. I too will be glad to see the successful conclusion to this matter, I long for the woods of Eversong. It has been too long since I walked under their golden boughs”

“I know how you feel” said Nyfera, I have not been back since my husband died, it felt strange not having him there."

“You miss him a lot i see.” said Brigan. “I myself never took a wife, I was always devoted to the Farstriders. but maybe one day” he said. Nyfera nodded. “One day. How close are we to Desolace?” “A few hours journey. Then onto Feralas. We will be travelling mostly by foot, the Night elf encampment is east of Dire Maul by some miles.” “Ogre territory” said Nyfera. “Indeed. but they should be no problem. The Night Elves hate the ogres almost as much as they hate the Horde. I suggest we get some rest while we journey to Desolace.”

Nyfera nodded in agreement and both retired to their bunks. In her sleep visions of burning cities flashed through Nyfera’s mind. The only constant was the figure of Souldefiler leading her Devoted from victory to victory, killing all in her way and razing villages and cities to ashes, both bearing Alliance and Horde flags. With a start she was woken by Brigan shaking her shoulder. “We have docked. our new ally awaits.”

On the dock D’eea watched the ship arrive. As the gangplank was lowered she waited until the crew disembarked to resupply. Then she climbed aboard and made her way to Brigan’s cabin. knocking on the door she entered. “Farstrider Brigan, your reputation precedes you. it will be an honor to assist you.” Brigan bowed courteously. As does yours Gragh. Welcome aboard. I trust you are familiar with our mission?" “Yes Captain I am to help in dealing with any Alliance who may attempt to engage.” “Good… good” said Nyfera.

“Have you met the other members of our party?” she asked. “No” replied D’eea, “My orders were to report to Captains Brigan and Nyfera directly. I would like to meet our other team members however.” Brigan looked up from the map he was studying. “You will find them… colorful. Nyfera can introduce you I have to set our paths once we are in Feralas.” D’eea nodded then turned to Nyfera. “After you…” As Nyfera made her way to the other side of the ship D’eea called her to stop.

“Nyfera. A moment. How well do you know the Farstrider?” Nyfera turned. “For at least 5 years. We undertook some missions before this one. He is leader of this mission.” D’eea motioned her to join her at the side of the ship. “Our mutual benefactor has instructed me to bring him back to the Halls. Dead or alive. Preferably alive. When the time comes, I may require your help.” she said, searching Nyfera’s face. “I understand” replied Nyfera. “I shall not let you down.”
D’eea turned to her. “See that you don’t. I give you warning now. I am no mere Devoted. I am Her right hand. The others, have yet to fully prove themselves. This is their final test. If they fail, they are to be punished. If you fail, you are to be punished. When you made your pact with the Mistress, you gave everything. Your life. Your soul. Not for nothing has she kept the name Arthas gave her long ago.” Nyfera swallowed. “I understand.” “Think hard on your choice Nyfera. You only have one escape. There is no other way.”

As she finished the door to the other cabin opened and Puny and Twill came deckside. “I see our guest has arrived, and didn’t think of informing us.” said Twill to Puny. “Perchance we are not worthy of the great D’eea’s notice Twill” said Puny. D’eea said nothing but turned to the seas leaning on the rail. Nyfera looked at both parties. “We are here for a common goal, to serve our Mistress. Let’s not. Forget.” D’eea slightly shifted while Puny and Twill said nothing. “Are we not?” asked Nyfera, sounding bolder.

With no sign of the tension dropping Nyfera walked towards her cabin. “Think it over, before our mission fails before it even begins” and closed the door behind her. D’eea turned her head as the door closed, then turned to face Puny and Twill. “She is weak. She will not last. Soon she will be in the Ice.” She came to Puny and Twill. “Your orders remain unchanged. Once we alert the Night elves to Horde presence, you are to take Nyfera with you to Orgrimmar. Nyfera believes that She will come and save The Horde. If by that time she has still not yet shaken off her loyalty to the Horde, I am to deal with her.” Puny crossed her arms. “Who are you to give us orders D’eea.” D’eea smiled. “I am mrely passing on instruction. I must return to their bunks. I am supposed to be an orc after all.” Twill snickered. “Well at least you don’t pong like one. Feralas is only a few hours away. We should prepare.” They agreed and parted.

The ship docked in a little bay just south of the border with Desolace. Brigan called everyone to a briefing. “This is the situation” he said. “The Night Elves have a base camp here, just east of the Two Pillars. The Elven structures to the south have been abandoned to the Naga, and as such are not our concern. My plan is this. We skirt around the two pillars avoiding the Elven patrols.” Twill interjected. “They will undoubtedly have druids. How do you propose we sneak past their noses” Brigan nodded in agreement.

“That was a concern but my instincts tell me this is a Sentinel outpost. They usually rely on their archers and priests. besides most of their druids are stationed in Stormwind. So we should have no problems. Once we skirt past the outpost we head for their main encampment. Once there, Puny and Nyfera will set up a camp for us and guard it as best they can. When i say camp, I mean a simple supply point, no fire, nothing that can alert the Elves to our presence. Twill, Gragh and I will make our way in stealth to the camp and gather as much intel as we can. I cannot be more clear, under no circumstances are the Elves to be engaged regardless of what they may be doing. This is purely a reconnaissance mission.”

Puny looked at Brigan’s map. “This would be a good post, it appears to be in a secluded area with overhanging rocks and shrouded by undergrowth. It would conceal us well.” Nyfera looked over the surrounding area. “No… No I disagree. it is too obvious. In fact I suspect the Night Elves deliberately chose that area just for such a plan. I believe this area, here…”

Pointing to a spot on the other side of Brigan’s markers “would be a better choice.” Twill looked at the new marker and looked up at Nyfera. “Why there? It is open except for some bushes and trees. There is no natural cover.” Nyfera nodded. “Precisely. Which is why we bring our own.” D’eea spoke up. "Very clever. I agree. The Night Elves will undoubtedly have that spot marked and watched Brigan. Nyfera’s plan is the better plan I deem. Brigan looked at the spot Nyfera proposed “Hmm. Possibly. It may work. OK I suggest we go with Nyfera’s plan. Agreed?”

All agreed except Puny. “I feel that is the wrong choice but I defer to your judgement.” Brigan continued. “Now. Twill and I will use our skills to get as close as we can to their main outpost. once there we will seek out the commanders and get as much intel as we can. Gragh your mission is to watch our backs and warn us of any danger. I repeat. No engagement of the enemy.” Understood" said D’eea. “Good, we disembark soon, ready your packs and meet on deck.”

The ship slowed it’s speed and drifted into the small bay. Secrecy was now paramount. Silently the ship sailed as close as it could without grounding. Luck was with them, it seemed the crew had found a channel that allowed them to sail to a depth well within swimming distance of shore. tying their packs to their back all jumped into the sea and swam to the beach. Upon landing they opened their packs and equipped what was needed. They then set off. Twill in front, followed by Brigan. Nyfera then Puny, and bringing p the rear, with her bow ready, was D’eea.

For an hour they carefully made their way through the jungle. Suddenly Brigan gave a short whistle and the party crouched in the under growth. Twill had stopped short ahead of them and was intently watching ahead of her. Puny came to Brigan. “What is it?” she whispered. “Twill has stopped and seems to be watching something.” muttered Brigan, watching Twill but also searching the surrounding area. Nyfera turned to D’eea who simply shrugged. The two of them sat down in the ferns, waiting for Twill to move forward again.
Without turning her head Twill motioned for Brigan to join her. Moving carefully up he came to her side.

"What is it? he whispered. “Sentinels. Up ahead. I can smell them” Puzzled he looked back to Puny and mouthed “She can smell them?” Puny nodded. “You can smell them?” he asked Twill. “Yes” she said. “Watch”. Picking up a very small rock she threw it into the canopy. Birds flew into the air, disturbed by the rock. Suddenly 3 Night Elven figures dashed from the under growth and hid themselves behind an uprooted tree. Brigan nodded and put his hand on Twill’s shoulder. “It is just as well we did not agree on Puny’s choice of hiding place,
we would have walked right into those lurking elves.” He glanced back at Puny who remained impassive. “Let’s go, they have left.” said Twill slowly rising. The others carefully got up and silently moved past the spot the 3 elves had been hiding. Something made D’eea look down and she saw something lying in the leaves. Bending down to pick it up she suddenly felt they were walking into an ambush. With two sharp hisses she caught the attention of the party. Showing them the item she motioned with her head to turn right. Twill nodded and turned to the right.

Brigan allowed the party to follow until D’eea caught up with him. “What did you find?” he whispered. “This” said D’eea. “It’s a worgen trip wire catch. This entire area is wired. I hope Twill’s nose is as good at sniffing out wires as it is as good at sniffing out elves.”. Brigan nodded. “We shall see.”

Carefully they drew closer to their target. Gathering all around him Brigan addressed them. “I suggest this is the spot we hold. it is well hidden and apparently no traps set for us.” Nyfera and Puny nodded, and setting their packs down, drew their weapons and uncovered the camouflage nets and concealed themselves in the undergrowth. D’eea moved softly to the spot where she could see all. Twill and Brigan began to creep into the Elven base, where the sounds of talking and eating could be heard more clearly with every step.

“This is our target” whispered Brigan. “Stay here while I try to find a safe way in.” Twill nodded and sat down into the steaming jungle. Nyfera and Puny scanned their surrounding. Nothing could be heard. Nyfera looked at Puny. “Devoted sister, this is wrong. I suspect an ambush.” Puny turned and smiled. “Of course. It was always the plan.” Nyfera took her shoulder as Puny turned to watch Brigan and Twill advance. “Plan? What plan? What is our target?” she asked softly. Puny continued to watch the two Rangers. “He is. D’eea is to capture him and bring him back to the Tombs.”

Nyfera looked up at Brigan. “And ours?” she asked. “To alert the Elves. Kill as many as we can, but leave a few. To… escape…” replied Puny, now turning her head. “That was the plan all along.”

“I don’t understand… How will this serve the Horde if we alert them?” asked Nyfera. Puny turned back to Brigan and Twill, as Twill sat down out of view. “Wait a few seconds, and watch how our Mistress wins victories without even being here.” Nyfera twisted her lip and looked at the back of Puny’s head. Then D’eea caught her eye. D’eea had strung her bow and was preparing an arrow. Nyfera followed her aim and saw in the trees two night elf Sentinels, standing guard. Then she looked at Twill, who had now also strung her bow and had also drew an arrow to her cheek.

Brigan now some way ahead, within feet of an elven tent. She opened her eyes in wonder as he picked his way forward, within arms reach of the table with various parchments. Dropping to his knees he looked down at the sleeping Night Elf. As he moved his hand to take the parchments, all of the jungle erupted around him.
Puny laughed as D’eea shot the two guards. Crying in death they crashed from the tree and landed heavily. The elves ran from their barracks to investigate. Loosing her arrow Twill killed the leader. The remaining elves hid themselves and loud shouts could now be heard. Brigan, now suddenly surrounded by elves, was fighting for his life. D’eea suddenly shot two elves who were trying to subdue him, as Twill ran up and slashed the throat of the third. Pulling Brigan to his feet she pushed him out of the way. turning to the safety of the jungle, he did not see Twill kick the table over and it’s contents spill into the camp fire. Stumbling back to safety he gasped to Puny and Nyfera.

“Leave. We are compromised. The mission is lost. The Elves are alerted and are too many for us to fight. No go. GO! he shouted.” Nyfera turned to follow orders but Puny remained where she was. “Did you not hear me paladin!” he said, gasping for air as he looked up at her. Puny looked down at him. “I told you before, you do not command me” she said and drew a knife. Brigan’s eyes opened as Puny smiled and bent down to him.

“No Punicilla!” said D’eea running up as arrows sped past. “He is not to be killed. Not by you at least” she said, as she brought down hard her foot onto his head. “Let us go” said D’eea, “Drag him with us. Twill and I shall cover our escape.” Dragging Brigan by a foot each, they retreated back to the ship. As Twill and D’eea retreated, both drew pouches from their belts and threw them into the jungle behind them. Thick smoke covered their escape as they melted into the jungle.

The Elves had stopped pursuing them as the four made their way back to the ship. D’eea called for them to stop. “Wait here, our Mistress wants her prize.” Pulling her stone free she summoned a portal and Puny and Nyfera dragged the still unconscious Farstrider to his feet. Throwing him into the portal D’eea paused before following. “You know what you have to do now. Prepare for Her coming.” As she stepped through she turned one last time to Nyfera.

“For the Horde” she said with an evil smile, as the portal snapped shut behind her.

Puny Twill and Nyfera made their way back to the beach. Discarding their packs Nyfera got ready to burn them. “No” said Puny. “Do not burn them. They are to be found. It will help convince the Night Elves what happened here was a failed mission. We abandoned our packs in great haste. Along with this.”

Showing Nyfera a piece of paper with writing on it, she placed it where she knew it would be discovered by searching eyes. “Now lets go, Orgrimmar awaits.” Signaling the ship, a small skiff was set down and sped towards them. Within minutes they were headed to Orgrimmar.

Three days later a contingent of Night Elf sentinels was dispatched to scour the area for clues and to perform rituals for the dead. As her Sentinels searched for clues, Khadris Windwhisper made her way to the beach following footprints and dried blood. “So this is where you fled” she whispered as she came to the beach. Kneeling she inspected the three hastily destroyed packs. nothing of interest lay within, all she found was the results of hasty retreat. Under the third pack she caught sight of a piece of paper with some writing. Reading it her eyes widened.

Standing she clenched her fist around the paper and turned to address a Night elf who came up to her. “Khadris” said the elf. We have found nothing of value. We have prepared the dead."

Khadris nodded. “Prepare to leave as soon as the rites are over. Take this to our High priestess, she will want to hear of this.” She handed the piece of paper to the elf.

“It seems the Horde are coming for Feralas to burn it down to the ground.”

“Of course” said the elf. “And where are you going?” she asked.

“I am taking two of our sisters with me to Stormwind, to appeal for help from the Alliance. Surely now, they will stand by us.”


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