"Souls For Sinfall" Quest Bug

I’m currently completing the Venthyr Campaign and I’ve just handed “Hopeful News” the next quest is supposed to be “Souls for Sinfall” from Bolvar but it’s not showing up at all. I’ve tried logging off and restarting my game multiple times and no improvement. I’ve seen others are having the same issue too and I was wondering if there is anyway to resolve this since I can’t continue until this is complete. Thanks!

Same problem for me.

On this char.

This can happen if it’s not your first covenant and swapped - completing the callings tutorial (into) quests will generally fix this. If not please contact us and we’ll do our best to assist!

This is my first character. I have not done any swaps.

Hi, thanks for the response! I haven’t switched covenats at all and this is my first character that’s on shadowland (my only level 60). I tried using the link you gave to contact further but it takes me to [this page](First Chapter of Covenant Campaign Not Completing - Blizzard Support (battle.net)) Nothing on this page is useful to me and I try to click contact support again on that page and it just sends me straight back to that page, almost like it has refreshed only. I’ve tried using different browsers to see if this is the problem but it does it on all so I’m kind of in a loop where I can’t get in touch with customer support unless it’s here.

Hey Maelyrra,

Sorry about the link loop in that article - I’ve generated a direct link to create a gameplay issue about being stuck on a quest for you here: https://eu.battle.net/support/en/help/contact/472/ticket

I’ll see if we can have an edit on the support article link too :).

Good luck!