Sound bars advice please

Hey everyone :slight_smile:
So I have my new PC and Monitor, I am one happy in my nappy camper :slight_smile:

Even got a great, great deal on a G903 mouse :slight_smile: gone up from a g300 which is still a great mouse!

My attention now turns to soundbars and headphones,

I don’t know if it’s just me, but technology these days has gotten so complicated or it’s just an overwhelm of information :confused:


I want a sound bar with a subwoofer built in, my question is how you connect these things to a pc and monitor

I was looking at a Sony HT-X8500, it has HDMI ports, at the moment my Monitor has 2 HDMI IN ports free and my PC Tower has 2 HDMI ports no mention of IN or OUT

Can I connect this thing to my PC? i don’t have optical ports or HDMI e/arc etc

Or if you guys can recommend a good sound bar that’s easy to connect I am all ears.

Thanks for reading, I appreciate it :slight_smile:

i don’t think you can plug a soundbar in with hdmi without something with arc. i have a soundbar plugged into my pc but that goes through my TV (PC->TV->soundbar).

optical should work i think, but you need a port obviously. i think my motherboard does, as does my sound card.

regular 3.5mm should work as well.

question is, is it even a good idea to use a soundbar as speakers for a pc? i’d imagine they are designed to be listened to from a few meters away, so perhaps look into that a bit.

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