SP in Arena needs Jesus

I desperately pray s.o from bliz checks out the forums, I have red and heared so much good feedback for SP.
SP is still way to far behind to any other caster in Arena. The major problem is that it needs to cast everything while the best casters don´t cast a single dps ability or if they do cast, it is noticeable. It is not rewarding for SP to cast, dispells/interrupts will never make u get out a tripple dot void torrent at good timing. Major first fix would be to make Void Erruption/Ascension insta cast. SP needs some on demand “go” without such high ramp up. Way more back to 10.0 SP.
Now that we have nothing to offer in utility since MD was removed, (which was a horrible change, good MDs are really rewarding game play)
To save that ability somewhat in pvp, my suggestion is to make the new talent “Mental Agility” make MD cast fast again and Dispel Magic also reduced mana cost by 50%, which by the way is also a huge nerf to SP that it ooms after 4x Dispel Magic.
Instead of flat damage buffs, take a look at the Frost Mage changes in PvP for example.
8% to mind blast or spikes is like 1k more damage. Thanks for this i guess.
The new tierset has some potential but sw:death needs around 20% more damage on it.
“Insidious Ire” only sounds good on paper. Easy fix would be to make it a 1 point talent and include either spike/flay or mindgames to it and buff it by 30% instead of 40% now with 2 points.
All the Idols also great on paper. In reality they are not noticeable at all. One of those 3 should be a single target option or N´Zoth should ramp up your cleave much more. Maybe N´Zoth should buff all active dots or something.
Overall the spec just doesnt feel rewarding to play and it was amazing to play from 10.0 until recently.


I could POST about 40 screenshots from about 15 different arenas where melees do double or more damage than I do. Together with dampening it is impossible to heal us. Besides, when there is 1 caster and 3 melees in the arena you can give it up for lost. You won’t be able to cast anything because it is IMPOSSIBLE to move away from the melee. Not to mention that we have no deadly strike/healing reduction effects.

The 8% extra damage doesn’t fix ANY of the design problems SP faces.
Let’s add that the SP has no burst, like mages, locks, boomys or shamans.


Damnation needs to return. end off.

Mind blast hitting 30k full geared is a LOL. Make it instant or double the dmg. Dispeling VT is a joke, make and healing absorption shield plus terrifiying if dispel it. Void tendrils must be 30s CD. Something like that would improve our sad situation in PvP.


Mind blast is a total joke ability. Agree that dispelling VT needs to be harder punished. Probably increase the horror duration by 1sec would be the best and easiest option.
Void tendrils are also just useless, it should either be shorter cd or take more damage until it breaks. I could list 100 more improvements but I honestly see no way back to the good days for SP anymore. They will probably do another 5-10% flat buff and call it a day for the whole expansion. Its just sad how they destroyed the spec especially in pvp after the rework and on top of that nerfed it 10 in a row because of some m+ bs.

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DF combat team was bad. Especially when their teamleader only played melee. At 1800 rating.

I like Void Torrent. Choosing between Torrent and Damnation isn´t the move.
However they could change the Talent “Unfurling Darkness” to give you one insta cast VT immediately once every 15-20sec and make the next VT also instant cast, but remove the damage part of the talent. (The damage part was also nerfed by the way couple changes ago, for whatever reason)
Also the random Catharsis nerf for whatever reason now that im thinking of changes noone asked for or were ever a problem.
Another good move would be to make the talent “Mastermind” include Devouring Plague as well, but nerf the crit damage from 40% to 30%
But as i called it, they did a flat 5% pve buff and thats it boys.

their class balance team is none existence never though about casters, pvp is like none existent

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