SP was looking good for DF

but since we can’t have nice things blizzard made sure to gut it this DF build. Hooray!

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still looking strong and mainly everything is instant cast so not sure what you are talking about

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Does it matter if its instant cast if it tickles?

my dots tick for like 10-20k each, mind games crit for 100k and shadow word death which proc 24/7 crits for 80k (+dot dmg) as well even void bolt crits for 80k

I don’t play mind blast build, so with mind blast build I guess mind blast will also hit for 30k or something

I dont know what you are shooting at in beta, but you are not getting those numbers in pvp im guessing?

Spriest is still overtuned in pvp on beta… Yes, others do too much dmg as well but priest is far from bad or no longer ‘good’.
Also as he mentioned, everything is instant, except mind games pretty much

Im playing beta and have done it for a month, and those numbers he presented do not at all happen in pvp.

Priest is awful to facce so I’m happy they are gutted ;p

i think its too early to decide what is gutted or not, they just started the tuning and to be honest beta tuning mostly doesnt do anything other than nerfing and buffing the obvious things, so if something oneshots you they nerf it, or if something does 0 damage they buff it and thats it, the real tuning always happens like first 2-3 month of the season, or the whole season 1

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numbers come from beta in full pvp gear on a pvp target dummy.
I cannot test it in yolo shuffle or bgs. If there isn’t something strange going on, you should deduct 15% dmg because of vers I guess.
But yea 230k ele blast etc. also happen on pvp dummy, I cannot tell what the real numbers in pvp are then if something wacky is going on.

Actually yes, PvP.dummy numbers are inflated and doesnt account for PvP dmg reductions in the skills. So testing dmg on PvP dummy is like testing interview techniques on a 2yo.

Gut it some more if it keeps the fotm rerollers away.

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Dont worry, they will all be rolling mage, fury and shaman.

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