Spark catch up issue

I decided to gear other Shaman to try Enhancement. With some buffs it looks quite enjoyable this season. I made 1 PvP quest got half of the Spark and then surprise. After checking the 2nd quest I saw the information I found I got all Sparks I could this week.

Isn’t it that it’s 5th week and I should be able to get half a Spark from all PvP quests until I reach 2,5 half Spark? Is it a but or working as intended?

Also directly to Devs. Half a Spark per week considering that our caps are bigger and than PvE gear is so easy obtainable is not enough. There are specs like SP or R Sham that need 8 crafted pieces to reach their full potential. If I’ll farm every possible spark per week then I’ll reach it in 11 weeks… This is feels wrong. We should get at least whole Spark a week.

no, even better!

u get the other sparks by just rng, killing bosses in pve, or doing arena and get after 100 games 1 half spark :smiley:

the spark designe feels so terrible, i wish pvpers couldnt use it in the first place, and give us more pvp gear options instead

You can also buy them for 6 token of merrit in case you don’t need sockets. :joy:

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