Spear of Bastion

Hello i back to game. I see spear is 1.5min cd and piercing verdict not makes lower cooldown. And i see noone playing this talent. Make spear 1 min cd atleast give chance to someones use spear insead of dragon roar . Or just delete this talent and add new any different . Otherwise makes no sense spear exists .

would be better if they replace spear with night fae shock :slight_smile:

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I see nobody playing warrior overall rn but the few fury warriors that i have seen have played spear. I dont think spear is meta tho i think dragon roar mega aoe build is meta for fury but idc i like the onslaught, avatar piercing verdict build. Avatar + spear lines and ravager + reck lines up perfectly.

they made it 1.5 minute because PvE warriors wanted it to line up with avatar better. We’re dragon roar gamers in pvp now anyways

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