Spell animations

I think this is my biggest bug bear with dks. Unholy especially.

Spells like scourge strike, festering strike, clawing shadows are underwhelming and don’t feel like a strike. Take paladins Templar’s verdict or some of the warriors abilities and it feels good to press.

The only dk move that feels good is obliterate. The animation is nice.

Remorseless winter looks terrible, I’m pretty sure there’s newer snow storm animations in the game that look way better that could be used.


Yeah… Outdated visuals, outdated gameplay… It’s a miracle we do so much damage tbh.

DK is easily one of the least rewarding classes to play in terms of feel. Like I top a lot dps meters in our raids, but nothing feels earned… Especially when you consider trinkets, BL, PI, and now augvoker buffs.

I really want to play dk but the game play is just terrible. I hate the wounds system and frost feels utterly bare bones and I hate breath.


my biggest bug - it’s defile talant. I can’t see any aoe trough this, and nobody else seeng my defile. Anyone know how to fix that? Can’t fix it last half year.

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Old DK animations back in wrath were far superior. Especially things like DnD.

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Nothing you can do on your end unfortunately. The devs have to fix the spell. It’s probably the most requested fix on this forum right now.

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