Spell reflection is broken

Since the beginning of patch 10.1.7, the warrior’s Spell Reflection ability has stopped triggering spells 100% of the time, meaning the character takes damage from the enemy’s ability, and the positive effect of the reflection continues to expire. It was tested on different NPCs, it was especially unpleasant during the passage of Mythic+ dungeons.

Report it through the ingame tool as a bug. With how, what and who. How to recreate it. All that jazz.

Lets hope if there is something going wrong that the issue gets some eyeballs on it, then after sent to the engineers.

Oh you are tanking so would not get that anyway.
(first made a reply about how to test it but it was an ability the tank do not get)

But yeah the positive effect of it is supposed to be there it is not supposed to disappear after a spell has been reflected it is a 25% magic damage reduction for the time it lasts.
It would be real sad if the 25% magic damage reduction went away instantly after pressing the button just because you got hit with a magic attack

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