SpellQueueWindow Interrupts

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Do interrupts, which are mostly off GCD, also use the SpellQueueWindow?

Lets say, my SQW is at 200 ms and my kick is still on cooldown for another 150 ms. Would the kick be used after 150 ms or not?

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Interrupts have stopcasting built into the ability so they’ll essentially bypass the SQW.

Ehm, sorry, but that is actually not answering my question. A stop casting doesn’t effect the sq I guess.

Lets imagine my kick is still on cooldown, my target is casting and I spam the button. Now I have a SQW of 200 ms and the cooldown of kick is still 150 ms. Does the kick will be used as the next ability as soon as it is ready, listed in the sq or not? :slight_smile:

Or maybe a more general question: Do abilities/items that are not on the GCD be used for the sq or not?

If your mortal strike is on cd but the cd is shorter than the puffer of the sq, it will be listed there.

  • The SQW only applies to chaining abilities that are off CD.
  • You can’t cast an ability while it’s on CD so the SQW doesn’t apply.
  • /stopcasting bypasses the SQW entirely because it interrupts the current cast rather than queuing it and waiting for the previous cast to finish.
  • Interrupts have stopcasting built into them so they automatically bypass the SQW
  • Abilites/Items that are off the GCD and aren’t being stopcasted are subject to the SQW while they’re off CD. Unless they’re abilities that can be cast while casting, in which case they trigger immediately. eg. Blink

If a spell is already listed in the SQW and you stop the current casted spell, it won’t stop the spell from SQW being casted next, would it? So /stopcasting has basically no effect on my question. :slight_smile:

Quite sure you can, when the GCD has the same or longer CD than the ability. And that was the question here.

Anyways, I found a simple solution for my task that seems to work:

/console SpellQueueWindow 0
/use Kick
/console SpellQueueWindow 200

Maybe it isn’t needed and has no effect, but just in case it will make sure, that kick will never be applied to the SQL.

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