Spending rage as a prot warrior


As a new protection warrior player, and a new tank player in general, I am quite confused how I should spend rage in my rotation.

I have 4pc set now, and I literally play Shield Slam + Thunder Clap, then again Shield Slam and Thunder Clap as they come off the CD almost immediately. I know that I should always keep Shield Block stacks, but I overcap rage pretty often. My question is whether using Shield Slam and Thunder Clap is more important, or using Revenge (when attacking) / Ignore Pain (when defending), in order not to overcap the rage?

on my prot warrior alt, i just bind ignore pain to mouse scroll wheel down and spam it whenever my rage bar turns green (35 rage for ignore pain), press revenge if i got a free revenge proc, and just alternate between shield slam and clap. i have macroed shield block and shield slam together in 1 button so i never ever manually press shield block. doing this i have 98%-99% uptime on shield block in a m+ run and 97-99% uptime on ignore pain.

remember dumping your rage = more self healing. you’re better off spamming ignore pain if you’re overcapping and you cant dump it all on revenge.


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